Sparkasse customers are standing in front of closed doors

The Gaukönigshöfer bank branch was scheduled to be closed in October. But now it went faster than planned. Is Corona to blame? – The door to the counter room of the Sparkasse Gaukönigshofen now remains closed forever.        Photo: Klaus Stäck Because of the corona pandemic, several small branches of the Sparkasse Mainfranken have been temporarily […]

Real Madrid: Towards a Santiago Bernabu with the public in October

Real MadridTO30 percent are contemplated at the start of the next League The fact that being one of the new towers of the Bernab is taking shapeAngel RiveroBRAND Real Madrid take refuge in Di Stfanoto endThe leagueand to play a game in this edition of theChampions League,as long as I manage to eliminate theManchester Cityin […]

20min – monkeys steal coronavirus blood samples

India On a campus in northern India, a horde of monkeys attacked a lab technician and stole corona blood tests. Now it is feared that the virus could spread further in an uncontrolled manner. 1 / 9 – A monkey crosses a street near the Indian Presidential Palace in New Delhi. (March 22, 2020) –Reuters […]

Frederica Brignone takes care of Zoff — 1/9 Federica Brignone is angry. Last winter’s best ski racer doesn’t want a 2022 World Cup. —- imago images / Eibner — 2/9 Brignone is convinced that the consequences of the Corona crisis will be over in February 2021. —- — 3/9 She doesn’t want to have a World Cup right after […]

Munir reassures the public of his health and thanks the armed forces

11:20 PM Friday May 29, 2020 – Books- Diaa Mostafa: Mohamed Munir’s “Online” concert, in which Dina Al-Wedidi, Noran Abu Talib and Ahmed Zizou participated in, just ended. Munir started his concert with the song “Wasat Al-Dirah”, and the party ended with “Egyptian Story”, and nearly 50,000 people watched it. Mounir reassured his fans about […]

battle with two thousand warriors in Mount & Blade II in 4K and cinematic format

YouTube channel author Nedim Can Incebay shares a new video on Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. In it, an enthusiast demonstrated a battle in real time with the participation of 2.1 thousand soldiers. The video was recorded in a cinematic format and is available for viewing in 4K resolution. Thanks to this, it creates the […]

Price of the dollar today Friday May 29, 2020 at the close, exchange rate

Mexico City. Today Friday May 29, 2020 the dollar listed on $ 22.17 pesos, according to the platform. The peso lost ground against the dollar, for the second time in the week, although at the global close of the 5 days it was a gain for the Mexican currency. According to Banco de México, […]

Sport | Dijon – FC Metz: a duel under the microscope

DIJON FCO The last match: draw at Amiens (1-1) No doubt they were hoping for better from their getaway last Saturday at Amiens, a competitor in the maintenance race. Especially since they had the score by Jhonder Cadiz. But in the end, with the draw, the Dijon ended a streak of five straight away games. […]

Baden AG: Camera films shameless wild pink

Screenshot — 1/9 Wildpinkler urinate again and again in the entrance to the Bahnhofstrasse in Baden AG. —- Zvg — 2/9 Numerous party goers relieve themselves night after night. —- Zvg — 3/9 They run in quickly, pull the pants down and let it go. —- Zvg — 8/9 The recordings then load unpixed on […]

Trump’s confidants fight for Hong Kong’s freedom with Claudia Roth

Sa performance should be decided. Determined. Straight ahead. Donald Trump speaks for only ten minutes on Friday afternoon in the rose garden. Foreign and finance ministers silently stand by his side. Trump focuses on his text, avoids spontaneous interjections – and doesn’t answer any questions. It is the counter-program to the usual Trump in the […]