Will 50 + 1 rule end ?: 13 professional clubs face bankruptcy by June

It is still not clear when professional football will take place again. Several clubs are facing bankruptcy this season due to a lack of income. The 2nd division is particularly bad, but an upper house club is also in need. The danger could rekindle the debate by 50 + 1. According to a media report, […]

Lufthansa questions long-haul Eurowings flights

Exclusive April 3, 2020, 10:46 pm – Lufthansa wants to slim Eurowings down to an AOC. This also applies to long distances. In the corona crisis, the unions of the Eurowings partner airlines Germanwings, Brussels Airlines and Sunexpress Germany are now afraid of a quick end. –The seven Airbus A330s in the colors of Eurowings […]

Call imam Elforkani after big turnout at prayer call: ‘Stay at home’

Several mosques in the city made an amplified prayer call for the first time this afternoon at two o’clock. Many people came to the Westermoskee to experience that special moment. And that is precisely not the intention, says imam Yassin Elforkani. – The prayer call was heard this afternoon at the initiative of the Council […]

Covid-19: Brazil has 359 dead and 9,056 confirmed cases – News

At an interministerial press conference this afternoon, the Minister of the Civil House, Braga Netto, announced that the executive will allocate about 40 million reais (6.9 million euros) to vulnerable groups and indigenous communities. The amount will be transferred from the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights to the National Supply Company and to […]

the VPN offers 1 year free for Easter (and with -70% discount)

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are getting more and more attention and an exponential number of Internet users have decided to pass the course. This computer software, very simple to install and use, not only makes it possible to hide the IP address of its user, but also to navigate anonymously and to take advantage of […]

Action will pay suppliers faster again Financial

According to him, Action is good enough to do that, now that not all stores in the chain have to close because of the corona virus. Last month, the bargain chain received a storm of criticism as it partially passed the bill for the corona crisis to its suppliers. Van der Laan does not think […]

Pets in the Middle East massively expelled because of the corona virus

Can you contract the coronavirus through your pet? According to microbiologist Els Broens, we don’t have to worry about contracting the corona virus through pets. “The chances of getting infected by your dog or cat are very small.” Broens is a veterinary microbiologist at Utrecht University. Worldwide, two dogs and two cats have been tested […]

What happens in the body with a Covid 19 disease?

This is how a Covid-19 disease runs – Anyone who becomes infected with the coronavirus and then shows symptoms has contracted Covid-19 – a respiratory disease. However, the first symptoms are relatively unspecific and are therefore easily mistaken for a cold or flu. In the video we show you the course of the disease in […]