Doping: Four Russian Ex-Athletes Charged From McLaren Report

Published on : 03/27/2020 – 23:22Modified : 03/27/2020 – 23:21 – Paris (AFP) Four former Russian athletes, including two Olympic champions, are charged with doping on the basis of evidence contained in the McLaren report, the Athletics Integrity Unit (IAU) said on Friday. 2008 Olympic high jump champion Andrey Silnov, 2012 Olympic champion in the […]

Dyson designed a respirator in 10 days and currently manufactures 15,000

Dyson has received an order from the British government to design and manufacture 10,000 artificial respirators to support the National Health Service’s efforts to treat patients with coronavirus, the cause of COVID-19, which has already affected more than 500,000 people around the world. Artificial respirators (or ventilators) are absolutely essential to fight the coronavirus pandemic, […]

“Turning Point”: Goldman Sachs Recommends Buying Gold | 03/27/20

The downward trend in the gold price was stopped for the time being thanks to the US Federal Reserve. The investment bank Goldman Sachs now recommends its customers to access the yellow precious metal, because a well-known pattern is likely to repeat itself. • Gold price benefits from recent Fed announcements • Burden factors for […]

Trump orders General Motors to create artificial respirators

The president of United States, Donald Trump, issued an order Friday to compel General Motors (GM) to produce artificial respirators under the Defense Production Act. On Friday, the US president launched a furious attack against GM and its president, Mary Barra, whom he accused of failing to fulfill their promises to produce thousands of respirators […]

USA already has more than 100,000 infected – content

The United States is now the corona top. The country has the most confirmed cases worldwide. It was confirmed on Friday that approximately 100,040 people in the US had tested positive for the virus. According to official figures, 81,340 infections have been confirmed in China. In Italy already 86,498. In the eyes of many critics, […]

One ventilator, two patients: New York hospitals go into crisis mode

NEW YORK (Reuters) – At least one New York hospital has started putting two patients on a single ventilation machine, an experimental protocol in crisis mode that some doctors fear is too risky but others deemed necessary because the epidemic of coronavirus is straining medical resources. The coronavirus causes a respiratory disease called COVID-19 which, […]

ranSicht: NFL draft takes place despite Corona

Munich – NFL boss Roger Goodell has spoken a word of power: Despite the corona crisis, the NFL draft will take place from April 23 to April 25 (live on ProSieben MAXX and as planned – in a television studio and without Spectator. Previously, a seven-member general manager committee had called for a move, […]

Windows 10: bug causes connection problems if you use a VPN

In full containment, while the government has imposed telework when it is possible, Windows 10 pays the price of connection problems. If you’re using a VPN on Windows 10, you may have run into trouble with software like Office 365, Outlook, or Edge. Rest assured, you are not alone. – If for some time you […]

Coronavirus crisis: Esprit hopes to be saved by bankruptcy

Such news does not come as a surprise in these times, but with the fashion group Esprit it has a remarkably prominent sender: In view of the corona crisis, the well-known textile company is forced to flee with a number of its German companies in a protective shield procedure under German insolvency law. This emerges […]