Football: ‘We have already lost 600 million’ – News Sports: Football

Ligue 1, suspended since March 13 because of the coronavirus health crisis, will resume “at best on June 15”, according to Bernard Caïazzo, president of the syndicate of clubs of L1 Premier League and the supervisory board of Saint-Etienne. “We cannot play until the curve is reversed. That is to say in July-August, at best […]

Asmus in a brown coat after Vodianova posed on an olive sofa

Olga Kamilova At the same time, the actress from the film Klim Shipenko “Text” admitted that she did not intend to discuss the topic of the pandemic. Christina Asmus (Photo: – Kristina Asmus took part in a new impromptu photo shoot. In the frame, the actress from the TV series “Interns” appeared in a […]

Le Nouvelliste – Airbus plans “partial recovery” on Monday in France and Spain

Airbus plans “partial takeover” Monday in France and Spain 32 Posted on 2020-03-22 | The Nouvelliste Airbus plans a partial resumption of production in France and Spain on Monday after carrying out health and safety checks related to the spread of the coronavirus during four days of suspension of activity, the aircraft manufacturer announced in […]

Professor Nikolay Filatov considers quarantine a useless measure

Former chief medical officer of Moscow, professor Nikolay Filatov considers quarantine a useless measure, and COVID-19 the most common infection, which is not at all terrible to get sick Instead of consulting with scientists and approaching the coronavirus problem soberly, authorities around the world are closing borders. Someone and for some reason needed to scare […]

Half-Life: Alyx – First review reveals how good it is

The British video game magazine Edge has published a first review of Half-Life: Alyx. How does that work? Judgment from? Every Half Life game and the portal series revolve around a game-defining tool, the magazine writes. Half-Life had the crowbar, Half-Life 2 the Gravity Gun and Portal had a portable portal generator. Half-Life’s game-defining interaction […]

Curaçao refinery may occupy a PDVSA storage terminal in Bonaire

Caracas.- According to the US news agency Reuters, the Korsou Refinery (RdK), a Curaçao state-owned company, published last Friday, March 20, that it intends to occupy a storage terminal of Petróleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA) on the island of Bonaire. According to the agency, Marcelino de Lannoy, managing director of RdK, declared through digital platforms […]

AMLO and Sánchez Cordero could be dismissed for omissions before co

He explained that the omission of the authorities to dictate sufficient sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic, constitutes an act prohibited in article 22 of the Constitution, since they impact on the right to health and, ultimately, on the right to the life of the Mexican community. According to Coparmex, the decision […]

The Daily Bulletins of Terror – News Knowledge: Corona Virus

These tragic numbers just don’t go down. Every evening at 6 p.m., the Italians sit in front of the television and listen anxiously to the new “Bollettino”, the bulletin with the current numbers of new infections and deaths. It is read aloud by Angelo Borrelli, the head of national civil protection, a calm man in […]

Plaquenil, Hydroxychloroquine, the controversy is rising…

THE ESSENTIAL A trial conducted in Marseille on 24 patients shows the efficacy of chloroquine against Covid-19 The results of this trial are disputed by doctors awaiting a study guaranteeing “medicine based on evidence” The Minister of Health authorized a new clinical trial for chloroquine on Sunday – Professor Jean-Luc Harousseau, a world renowned hematologist, […]