Orangutan reaches out to help man. Image goes viral on the Net

The moment was captured by an amateur photographer on the island of Borneo, in Asia. An orangutan looks at a man who was cleaning a river infested with snakes and, seeing that he was stuck, extends a hand to help him out. The image was shared on Instagram on January 23 and the author does […]

Real rebounds, Barça responds

02/09/2020 Real Madrid rebounded after being eliminated from the King’s Cup © KEYSTONE / AP / Alvaro Barrientos – 02/09/2020 Real Madrid returned to victory on the field of Osasuna (4-1) Sunday, three days after their elimination in the King’s Cup. Zinédine Zidane’s troop remains three steps ahead of FC Barcelona, ​​who won 3-2 in […]

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will include in-game purchases

Not that surprising. On the official game page of Nintendo of America you can read under the age rating that the upcoming game In-game purchases will include. This comes at a time when Nintendo has long discovered DLCs, and after the offshoot Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp microtransactions certainly didn’t come as a surprise. However, according […]

Linzer Casino in the Schillerpark closed for several months after fire

A technical defect is the cause of the fire in a false ceiling in Casino Linz, which led to a large-scale deployment by the Linz fire brigade and the volunteer fire brigade from the Sankt Magdalena district of Linz on Saturday. Nobody was injured, but the property damage is enormous. “The casino and restaurant will […]

Iraq improves mental and physical health of people

A recent study published by the Australian magazine “Bedding store Bed”, reported by the British Daily Mail newspaper, revealed other benefits of exercising, other than maintaining a healthy body and prolonging human life, as it highlighted the idea of ​​race and its important benefits for the body. Gradually return to the gym in case of […]

Opponents scold after Swiss double victory – News Sport: Wintersport

While the Swiss cheered for first and second place in the parallel giant slalom of Chamonix, the defeated opponents were angry. Not primarily because Loïc Meillard and Thomas Tumler were at the top of the podium, but rather because of the way in which this final was held. For the competition, the result looked like […]

Journalist threatened for raising rape charge against Kobe Bryant

Controversy in the United States. The American channel CBS denounced this Sunday the insults and threats made against the famous journalist Gayle King, after the diffusion on the social networks of an interview in which it evokes a charge of rape aimed Kobe Bryant, who died tragically in a helicopter crash on January 26. “We […]

Hardware Info

Hardware Info uses cookies Hardware Info is part of DPG Media. Our sites and apps use cookies, JavaScript and similar technology to provide you with an optimal user experience. This also enables us to record and analyze visitor behavior and add this information to visitor profiles. Cookies can be used to display advertisements on Hardware […]

Low gas 60 cents; they attribute it to coronavirus

Iris González / The newspaper Sunday, February 09, 2020 | 06:00 – The coronavirus in China was reflected in a 60-cent drop in the price of gasoline in Ciudad Juarez during this week. Hundreds of companies in the Asian country are paralyzed by the disease that has infected thousands, which has caused a drop in […]