2020 Covik-19 Crisis Throws the World Down

As the world moves into 2020 according to the international calendar or 2020 in the Thai calendar, many people expect it to be a year of glory. Glorious life Something good is waiting But it is unbelievable that it will turn out to be a tragic year, the culprit is the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19 (COVID-19). where When COVID still crashed into a bullfight like this

But even when it was a year of distress I don’t want to remember how the terrible virus has spewed the lives of the people on earth. But must be recorded as history

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“COVID-19” Where did it come from? … It became a loud question that woke the whole world awake and frightened. Investigating the mysterious virus linked to the Wuhan wildlife market The capital of the Chinese province of Hubei, scientists believe the mysterious virus is the root of pneumonia. Many people in Wuhan are infected with the virus. That prompted China to report to the World Health Organization at the end of 2019 when it was clear that the virus was related to the coronavirus. That is not a stranger Since this virus was discovered since 1960, but the case of pneumonia in Wuhan. The disease health organization has announced that it is related to the coronavirus. But a new species Is a stranger that leads to the whole world darkening What drugs to use to suppress them

When the outbreak in Wuhan did not seem to be stopped on Jan. 23, China shut down Wuhan to prevent it. Then the nations urgently launched plans to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan. It cannot be denied that this is the point of an irresistible epidemic, however, two days before the closure of Wuhan, the new coronavirus has successfully settled into the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention affirms the country’s first case of infection. And now more than 18 million people have been infected with the virus, 10 million have healed, and more than 300,000 have died. And the top of the die is overwhelming The cumulative total number of infections worldwide is over 82 million, 1.78 million deaths and 54 million cured cases.


World Health Organization (WHO) At the beginning, it was still unsure whether or not to declare a public health emergency. But seeing the death toll 200 and rapidly increasing to 9,800 from around the world Finally a public health emergency was declared. Hundreds of scientists called on the organization Review of the potential for virus transmission Originally there was information indicating that the infection was spread in small droplets. It is released through the nose or mouth when infected people cough, sneeze, speak, but new research has found that the infection can spread through air. Of course, this is what intensifies the fear of infection. Stress strikes people, and the poor ask themselves the daily question: “Are we infected yet?”

And after the infection spread widely World Health Organization that tries to avoid using the term “Big Outbreak” or “Pandemic” (Pandemic) has always decided to declare that our world has entered a pandemic. And it is now the 2020 Word of the Year for the Merriam Webster Dictionary of the United States.


Viruses do not choose difficulty, good there are poor. Even as a prominent figure, a prominent figure could be infected with COVID-19 like Prince Charles of the British Royal Family. Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the Aristocrat or even US President Donald Trump and number one woman Melania. Still, the number of COVID-19 cases are hit by the common hierarchy. Continuously increasing Doctors and nurses could hardly cope. Many countries take measures to shut down cities or lock down. But to prevent the infection from spreading through this method Have something to redeem And that turned out to be a real nightmare. Air travel around the world is restricted. Several countries declared a state of emergency, causing the city to be closed. Attractions that used to be crowded The people were almost empty, the people went off work, lack of income, the economy collapsed. Many businesses have ended their employment, and there were protests and riots.

Prince Charles of the British Royal Family
Prince Charles of the British Royal Family


Especially the United States In addition to dealing with the virus. It’s still a year of the US leadership election agenda. Uncle Sam has faced protests in several states. Part of the public wants the lock down. To return to make a living Aggravated by the death of George Floyd, an African American man. The white police in Minneapolis, four men handcuffed. To lie face down on the road He pressed Floyd’s neck on the back of the neck for more than 8 minutes until he suffocated and later died. This well-documented incident, Floyd utterly begged for life as “I can’t breathe” or “I can’t breathe”, becoming a major trigger for protests and calls for discrimination. For a large group of black people, the word “Black Lives Matter”, or BLM, was raised intensely. In which the current congregation rose, demanding justice that “Life of blacks is important” is exacerbating erysipelas all over the world.


When a terrible disease threatens the world Vaccines are the great hope of all mankind. Organizations from around the world are rushing to brainstorming and developing vaccines fiercely. From it took 10 years to invent a vaccine. And hope came to fruition in less than a year when Pfizer of the US and Germany’s Biotech finished the first line with a 95% effective vaccine and got the green light on it. England first in early December and about two weeks later Moderna vaccine. It was first approved in the United States, with the two mRNA vaccines the same, their effectiveness. The vaccine instructs the body to produce proteins present on the coronavirus. The body then recognizes and produces antibodies against this protein. The vaccine from Astra Seneca in association with the University of Oxford is effective enough to prevent it. And there are many vaccines still in development.


Losing a loved one is hard to come by. 2020 will be another year for celebrities from all walks of life leaving only their work and memories, with a huge number of actors, artists, singers and musicians. Farewell This includes top designer “Kenzo Takada”, founder of “Kenzo”, who died at the age of 81 after being infected with COVID-19. But that shocked the fans Would not escape news of the death of “Chadwick Boseman,” a young actor who plays the role King of Wakanda From the movie “Black Panther” aged 43 years from colon cancer after battling the disease for 4 years and equally frightening is the passing of “Sir Sean Connery” actor. Scottish Owner of the first James Bond role at the age of 90.


Drama in the year 63, there may not be any stronger news than Declaration of withdrawal as senior royal family of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Or Prince Harry and Megan Markle jarring the British monarch on the 2 freedom and personal financial needs and then leave Britain bound for California by gouging money, about 345 million baht to buy a house. New on the outskirts of Santa Barbara After refunding the cost of repairing the Frogmore Palace All cottages It is said that in order to “liberate” from the royal court and continue business negotiations to find a way to scoop up full money, whether it is signing a large-value contract with Netflix and Sportify like Happy Ending. Before closing the year by sending a picture of Christmas greetings with a picture of a happy family that seemed to get everything he wanted, even though it hurt many people’s feelings.

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