Yellow vests: Toulouse rather than Paris, the epicenter of the mobilization has changed

The Pink City has counted more protesters than the capital this Saturday, for the act 10 of the mobilization.

If nationally the mobilization is stable according to the figures of the Ministry of the Interior, with 84,000 demonstrators for the whole territory, as a week before, the real surprise came from the number of yellow vests present in the Pink City.

The 10,000 demonstrators identified in Toulouse, constitute a record since the beginning of the movement, a greater number of two thousand people in different Parisian fashion shows. The presence of one of the leading figures of the movement, Maxime Nicolle, having probably played in the success of the gathering.

In Toulouse, however, the demonstration was peppered with clashes at the end of the journey, and ten arrests were held according to the prefecture. The slogan "Castaner the butcher, France mutilated", had the favors of the crowd. The interior minister was the target of the protesters, after defending on Friday the use by the police of the launcher of controversial defense balls LBD, having made many serious injuries since last November.

In Bordeaux, too, the mobilization was important, with nearly 4,000 demonstrators. But in Gironde, the rally ended on violent clashes with the police.

Calm parade in Paris, the Yellow Vests in jail in Dijon

In Paris, the motorcade left quietly, around midday of the Invalides, the main rendezvous point announced on social networks, then returned to this point of departure four hours later. After 14 kilometers of walking in a generally good-natured atmosphere.

The police force for the first time actuated water cannon and tear gas around 16:30 around the Invalides, to back protesters throwing bottles and paving stones. The tension is then quickly dropped, at dusk.

The mobilization followed everywhere in France the same scenario, with rallies Béziers Nancy or Nantes to Marseille, gathering several thousand people, with some clashes at the end of the procession but without major incidents.

Note, however, the assault of a journalist Republican Lorrain on a dam in Longeville-lès-Saint-Avold (Moselle) and an infox in Rennes or the prefecture had to deny the death of a protester, a victim in reality of a simple discomfort. Another overflow in Dijon where fifty yellow vests were able to penetrate the perimeter of the prison, where were locked up several "comrades".