Yann Moix defends himself after the controversy over 50-year-old women

The writer Yann Moix. - IBO / SIPA

The former chronicler of Laurent Ruquier finally reacted in We are not lying on France 2 Saturday night after his polemical remarks about women of his age. In the January issue of the feminine Marie Claire,
Yann Moix had said: "I prefer the body of young women, that's all. Point. I will not lie to you. A 25-year-old woman's body is extraordinary. The body of a 50-year-old woman is not extraordinary at all. " These words have not failed to provoke a torrent of criticism.

Saturday night, he returned to his comments, citing another interview he gave to the magazine Technikart, three weeks before the publication of that of Marie Claire. "They ask me," And live with a woman over 50? " Here is my answer, this is not an answer that I have since made to put out a fire: "No, it's not possible, I can not live with a 50-year-old woman, it's not mean 50 years old women, there are some who are wonderfully beautiful ... All women are beautiful at any age ... (...) It's a personal problem, not being able to accept your own age, but I accepts very well the age of others ", read
Yann Moix on the set of the show.

"I will never say that a 50-year-old woman is not desirable, not beautiful, it would be an aberration," he continued. All is forgiven?