World Handball: Karabatic and the Blues provide the essential

The meeting counted for butter. Winners very sluggish and on the wire (23-22) of eliminated Russians, the Blues were already qualified for the main round. Yet she will stay in the story for two of them. King Nikola Kabaratic (34) honored his 300th selection while Prince Melvyn Richardson (21), son of Jackson, played his first game in a World Championship.

Before kick-off, Mercedes-Benz Arena Berlin had eyes for "Kara", lined up before taking a quick seat on the bench. Enough to make the German public happy. A few weeks ago, he did not think to see the star of the PSG, supposed to be out of the competition after his operation of a hallux valgus (a deviation of the base of the big toe outwards) left foot in October .

The indestructible was recalled to the group last Saturday, to the surprise, by the coach Didier Dinart before "enjoy" the injury (tear of 1.5 cm of the inner twin right calf) of Cédric Sorhaindo for his dispute his 8th consecutive World Championship.

Shortly back on the field a quarter of an hour from the end, the triple best player in the world did not find the net, his first shot having finished on the pole, nor participated in the stunning last minutes of the Experts. The essential was elsewhere. Its rise is expected during the main tour.

Successful baptism for Richardson

It will also surely be the opportunity to see Melvyn Richardson, confined to the stands since the beginning of competition and launched in replacement of Nicolas Claire for its versatility. For his seventh cape, the first in a World, the son of the old legend of the Barjots and cape recorder in Blue (417), present in the Arena, took his entry responsibilities.

At the break, the hope of Chambéry was already credited with four goals before being "victim" of the turnover made by Didier Dinart in the second act. "It's a new step for me," said Melvyn at BeIN Sports. I am happy to live a world championship with a nice team and in a beautiful room. It was not easy for Niko and me to attack our first, and no problem. There was a time to start and we let go the horses. We mostly remember the victory. It's up to us to settle what did not work. "

Spain, Iceland and Croatia on the menu of the Blues

By winning on the wire against Russia, the Blues have secured the first place in Group A and start the main round with a capital of 3 points acquired against Brazil (24-22) and Germany (25- 25), also qualified with respectively 0 and 3 units. In Cologne, they will find Spain (2 points), the reigning European champion, on Saturday (6:30 pm), Iceland (0 points) on Sunday (8:30 pm) and Croatia (4 points). ) Wednesday (8.30 pm)