Will messenger users have to pay soon?

"Cost of WhatApp": chain letter surfaced on Facebook and WhatsApp. Do users have to pay soon?

After the letter to Santa Claus and the warning on WhatsApp in front of "Ute Lehr" now makes a new chain letter in the messenger service the round. The chain letter is titled "WhatsApp costs". Whether there is something in it, how long the chain letter already exists and what is behind it, you will learn inFranken.de,

WhatsApp Chain Letter Warns of Costs: Will Users Pay Soon?

Users are currently wondering if the Messenger service "WhatsApp" will cost a bit. In 2013, the chain letter appeared for the first time. Already at that time, many users wondered if WhatsApp was really paid and what the warning was.

The chain letter is now in circulation for six years. Sender: "The Facebook Team". In addition to the request to share or forward the message, the digital letter includes the threat that - if this does not happen - WhatsApp soon turn off the respective account. The re-activation fee will then be added 25 euros,

The chain letter in the wording:

"Dear Whatsapp user!

We (the Facebook team) have (as you've probably already noticed) bought the free messenger "whatsapp" for a total of 16 billion dollars.

Since we now own Whatsapp, we only want the users to use Whatsapp.

Because of this, we would like to ask all of you to have received THIS message asking you to forward them to all contacts. If that's not the case, we'll take that as a confirmation that this user no longer uses Whatsapp, and thus his account will be removed.

The Facebook Team

has copied out all numbers (yesterday from about 11:30 to 23:30)

So we can control everything if you send the message or not.

If you, but the users send the message ACTIVELY to 10 contacts, the messenger will remain free for the users who made it.

best regards

The Facebook team.

I just received please read through - you can also read it at www.whatsapp.com in the FAQs ... Greetings

Message from Jim Balsamico (CEO of WhatsApp) We have too many users on WhatsApp. We ask all users to forward this message to the entire contact list. If it is not forwarded, we will consider your account invalid and it will be deleted within the next 48 hours. Please DO NOT ignore this message, otherwise WhatsApp will no longer recognize activation of your account. If you want to re-enable your account after it has been deleted, a fee of 25.00 will be added to your monthly bill.

This time ..

? Important message ?

Your beloved App WhatsApp will be charged in the near future, that is, it will cost monthly!

To get around this, the WhatsApp community decided to write this chain letter.

For this warning to appeal, it should be sent as often as possible.

This is also the. Way to get rid of the future costs. So you can be lucky if you even read this message.

After you successfully send this message (double hook) to 10 more friends, your WhatsApp logo will light up in red.

Yours sincerely

Your WhatsApp community

!!! Is even on the homepage !!!

"Please join in the action, so that we can continue to write for free"

Dear Whats App customer!

Starting today, the program Whats App is charged and costs only € 1.23. Unless you send the SMS to 10 contacts, then the green icon will light up "

Cost threat on WhatsApp: This is behind the chain letter

Then as now, there is nothing behind the threat except hot air. As the online portal onlinewarnungen.de reports, this is spam, which ominously drives its mischief on the Internet again. The Messenger service WhatsApp will not charge any fee from its users, even under the leadership of Facebook. Instead, WhatsApp has been funding advertisements since 2019.

  • Behind the WhatsApp chain letter is not, as in other cases, a nasty fraud, but just a bad joke.
  • The CEO of "WhatsApp" or "Facebook" is not Jim Balsamico, as claimed in the chain letter. This is simply wrong.
  • The chain letter reveals itself to be dubious and untrustworthy, as the text contains numerous spelling and comma mistakes.

That's why: WhatsApp remains free. Do not follow the request to redistribute the content. Because otherwise the spam chain letter continues to circulate in the net. One possible explanation of why the chain letter has surfaced again on Facebook could be the reminder function of the social network. By the re-appearance of the post in the news feed of users, they could have been shared again.

However, in the early days of the messenger service, the app cost Android users to pay an annual fee of 89 cents. Later, the fee was due only after one year of use. iPhone users had to pay the 89 cents once as soon as they downloaded the app. In 2016, WhatsApp finally announced that user fees will be completely abolished.

Compared to other chain letters, this variant is relatively harmless, since it causes no further damage except for a hoax. Quite the contrary to the Santa Claus chain letter on WhatsApp. A lawyer warns against following the instructions in the chain letter.