Why was rapper MHD arrested?

MHD rapper at the Bet Awards, June 25, 2017. - Richard Shotwell / AP / SIPA
  • Mohamed Sylla, known as MHD, was arrested and indicted on Thursday night.

  • The investigators of the judicial police have determined that the attackers of a young man, killed last summer, had used his vehicle.

  • The rapper, placed in pre-trial detention, denies being involved in the deadly brawl.

The survey started six months ago. It led, on Tuesday, the arrest of four people, including rapper Mohamed Sylla, also known by the nickname MHD. Placed in custody by the investigators of the 2nd judicial police district, they were
indicted for homicide. The Paris-based artist, aged 24, and two other individuals were remanded in custody. Another was placed under judicial control. Investigators are confident that MHD is involved in the deadly assault of a young man last summer. What he denies.

On the night of July 5 to 6, 2018, about fifteen young people attacked the victim, at the corner of the streets Saint-Maur and Tesson, in the Xth arrondissement. An unleashing of unheard-of violence. Around 3am, she was beaten and stabbed, according to our information, about twenty times. Firefighters have tried, for many minutes, to revive it by doing a cardiac massage. But the 23-year-old died as a result of his injuries. His attackers escaped, some by car.

An old rivalry

The police of the 2nd DPJ, in charge of the investigation, will privilege the hypothesis of a settlement of account against a backdrop of rivalry between a band of the district of Grange-aux-Belles, in the 10th district, and another of the district Chaufournier, in the 19th arrondissement. A conflict that has lasted for several years and has already claimed several lives. Last episode: in March 2017, a 29-year-old man was killed on Simon Bolivar Avenue. Two others were seriously injured: one of them was hit with an iron bar, the other was stabbed, reported LCI at the time.

This time, the investigators will study the testimonies, exploit the images of CCTV, perform a work on telephony. Very quickly, they identify the car used by some of the attackers. This is a Mercedes they found charred ... in the 19th arrondissement. However, this car belongs to the rising star of French rap, interpreter of the hit "Afro Trap 3 (Champions League)". The family of the artist lives precisely in the city Chaufournier. The investigating judge finally decided that he should be arrested and indicted.

New arrests?

Other arrests could take place, indicates to 20 minutes a police source. The new phenomenon of French rap, he, "denies any involvement in this brawl, its presence in the place of the facts not proven," insists his lawyer, Master Elise Arfi, in a statement, pointing out that he never been "involved in conflict between rival gangs". Contacted by 20 minutesshe explains that "nothing in the file is evidence of her guilt". She assures that the car in question was "used by several people of the district" because its customer is often "on the roads".

Moreover, Mohamed Sylla contacted the investigating judge last July and told him "that he was at the disposal of the court to explain the circumstances in which the vehicle could have been used in the context of this case. "Says the lawyer. Noting that her client does not have a criminal record, she intends to appeal her detention on remand. "He is in misunderstanding, adds the criminal. We waited for the day when he had to go on an international tour to challenge him. "