Why Lille is on the podium at the end of the season

The joy of Lille after her success against Amiens - F.Lo Presti / AFP
  • After 21 days, the club has a very high base.

  • Second, in Ligue 1 with 40 points on the clock, the Losc can clearly aim for the podium.

  • All indicators are green for the seasonal feeling.

Of course, it seems a bit premature to jump to conclusions after defeating a gambling team. Nevertheless, Losc's success against Amiens (2-1) on Friday night was packed with lessons. Not necessarily on pretty windy roads. But after 21 days, the second in Ligue 1 still opposes the pressure to wonder what could really stop the sensation of the 2018/2019 season.

A promising transit time, With 40 points on the clock after 21 days, the Losc is already better than its final season with 38 units and a 17th place. By and large, the Losc is based on the best seasons of the last ten years. In the year of the double in 2011, Lille had 41 points after 21 days. And when Losc finished third in 2012 and 2014, he had 39 and 40 points respectively in the same season.

In short, Lille is on a high base this season, which should enable him to experience a good surprise in May. "We do everything to go as low as possible with our heads down, and when we run out of oxygen, we'll raise our heads and see where we are," notes Jeremy Foot, the defender of a losc, who is at the top of the field breathing the lungs.

Hollow never lasts very long, If Lille is so high in January, it also owes its regularity. In Ligue 1, the club has never chained two losses in a row since the beginning of the season. His longest period of scarcity went back to November, when the club had chained four games in a row without a win. And on Friday against Amiens, the Lille have stopped a series of four games in a row without success at home. Proof that this season, the head of a team that started in three competitions in three games in three games in 2019 is never in doubt for long.

Trust builds up, After Losc surprised everyone at the beginning of the season, the game started and is no longer surprised to play Europe. Trust is there and well there, as evidenced by the scenario of the Amiens game. As a result, Lille managed to reverse the situation for the first time since the first day and to be successful against Rennes (3-1). "We've never been hiding, our pressure is to keep going, we have faith in ourselves, but we must keep humility so that we do not overdue until the championship is over," warns Jérémy Pied, who is well aware that the way is still long, but still clear.

Cadors in a galley, Monaco fights for the maintenance,
Marseille in full earnings crisis. Of the first four of last season, two have already lost their footing. Paris is outstanding, it remains Lyon, which is likely to open in a month with his double confrontation in the Champions League against Barcelona quickly elsewhere. The losc has a real chance to make a podium finish. Especially if he negotiates his trip to Marseille next Friday. A meeting that could already be the first real turning point of the season.

Ligue 1, 21st round: Lille narrowly defeated Amiens (2: 1)