why do startups go there (really)?

With a presence that continues unabated - 376 startups and 420 companies of all types combined - the Hexagon shows that the CES is still a safe bet in terms of business.

A business that is not identical for all. While it would seem natural to come to Nevada to "test" the US market, many also come to test the market or the appetite of investors.

Investors and Prospects

This is exactly the case of Charlie Rousset and Guillaume Barothon, the founders of Morphée, this beautiful case that promotes falling asleep through meditation. Originally from Aix-en-Provence, the duo of entrepreneurs intends above all to stir the desire of distributors, regardless of their nationality. "If we seduce a Finnish distributor, we are able to translate the meditations proposed by Morpheus into Finnish ...Charlie Rousset explains, but it's also a great opportunity to meet potential investors, which is never trivial when we are in a phase of acceleration or fundraising.

Providing meetings with investors, specifiers or potential customers is also the main reason for the new (and second) participation of AMedSU, based in Nice, which has just introduced its new solution, called Smart Clinical Trials Manager, which allows administrative follow-up for clinical trials. "We are in Las Vegas for a number of reasons, not least to show our new solution, but also, in parallel with our progress, the fact that we went from idea to reality. We target large accounts, and more generally all prospects or interested people that we could not meet during the previous edition".

"Find strategic partnerships"and also potential investors, it is as much the approach of Fox Tripper, a startup based in Marseille who will set foot on the American soil for the first time in the Mecca of innovation with in his luggage his solution which will allow the passenger of a plane to be able to pre-order on a preferential basis during the flight, any activity that can be performed upon arrival. "We propose a new way to consume, so it seemed logical to us to be present at the show dedicated to new ways of consuming", says Medhi Mokhtar.

"Show our innovation, get visibility, attract investors"These are," says Frédéric Bossard, "the three parallel reasons that prompted Data Moove, based in Sophia-Antipolis, to come to Las Vegas to show Minotour, its chatbot based on the understanding of natural language, thus making it able to answer the questions of tourists and citizens. "We are entering the commercial phase of DataMoove, meeting investors allows us to achieve significant leverage", says Frédéric Bossard.

For Marseille isard Sciences, its solution Neural Up and its leader Gil Borelli, just the selection at CES Las Vegas is already in itself a recognition and a contribution of visibility very useful when the development phase is accelerating. "We have a double perspective: are we able to interest the American market? With the hope of meeting people interested in purchasing or distributing NeuralUp, our stress management solution. But also, find here people who can accompany us in our development".

With its screen connected in 5D, Laboratories Juving-Brunet, established in the Var, hopes that Sniffy will find in the United States how to transform the contacts established during the 2018 edition, where "we wanted to prove to ourselves, our response to the market", says Alexandre Juving.

American dream?

But the US market is also sometimes good in the sight of young shoots. Already present last year, Azur Tech Concept, based in Sophia-Antipolis has taken a giant step for twelve months. Its Smart Ear solution, a luminous device that makes it possible to materialize sounds for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, is open to the market across the Atlantic. "We come to reinforce the partnerships"says Sebastien Llorca, who began by laying landmarks in New York and who prospecting in the country of Uncle Sam calls for a LIFE.

For Candice Colin and Claire Gagliolo, based in Grasse, all the salt of the American market is of interest to Beauty Litic, their API in SaaS mode allowing retailers to analyze the quality of marketed beauty and hygiene products and to control thus SEO. "The US market is a priority because there is no regulation in the United States"And this market is just as much a priority for Sportbak, a specialist in sports data recovery, who understands well, as explained by Jean-David Rombi," says Candice Colin.target university sports coaches"The 2019 CES will be an opportunity to educate the Universities of Las Vegas and Los Angeles."The US market is huge because there are budgets to develop more and more successful teams. And Americans are fond of statisticsFinally, whether it's to test oneself, prove the concept, seduce investors or dream of an american dream, as Olivier Ezratty says, "presence at CES must be part of a long-term marketing strategy. A good reason therefore ... if it is structured.