WhatsApp surpassed Facebook in number of monthly users

WhatsApp surpassed Facebook

Whatsapp, the most used instant messaging application in the world, would have surpassed its parent company -Facebook, becoming the most used application in the world, according to the annual report State of Mobile of the consultancy «App Annie». As detailed by TNW, the growth that the messaging app had in emerging markets -such as India, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Russia- It has enabled him to overcome "the mother of all social networks."

In this regard, the report details that WhatsApp would have surpassed Facebook in September 2018, moment in which the projections of the messaging app They passed the number of monthly users of the social network created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. However, the report is not really clear, since no concrete figures are given.

WhatsApp surpassed Facebook

But, a graph suggests that both applications currently have almost 200 million monthly active users. However, to take real dimension of the number of users that each application has, we must refer to the official data published by the company last year.

In this context, Facebook's financial results report for the third quarter of 2018 reported that as of September 30 had 2,270 million monthly active users. While the company also claims that there are more than 2,600 million people They use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or Messenger every month.

As for WhatsApp, the last official number we had indicated that the instant messaging application I had about 1,500 million active users, according to the report presented by Facebook in February 2018 with the financial results of the last quarter of 2017.

Could WhatsApp have grown so much? Or is it that Facebook has decreased its user base to the point of matching the messaging app? It is difficult to know for sure, because the latest reports presented by the company based in Menlo Park (California) have been mixed. Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 by 19,000 million dollarswhen I barely had 450 million users. At present, everything seems to indicate that the investment has been more than profitable.

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