What will Act 10 look like?

Yellow vests gathered Saturday, January 12 in Bourges. - SIPA

After a mobilization down during the holiday season, the act 9 of "yellow vests" had a resurgence last weekend,
with 84,000 registered protesters, according to the Ministry of the Interior. For the tenth consecutive week, demonstrations are already planned, all over France, this weekend.

According to the various calls to demonstrate, launched on social networks, tens of thousands of "yellow vests" could go down the streets this weekend. Are you lost? 20 minutes takes stock of the planned actions.

An event to honor the wounded

If dozens of Facebook events have been created, for the moment, only one event has been officially declared to the Paris police headquarters. She should leave, at 12 o'clock, from the Invalides to reach Montparnasse, around 17 hours. On social networks, the event, entitled "
Act X: Returning to Paris ", gathers 2,000 participants and more than 12,000" interested ".

While more and more demonstrators and journalists denounce police violence, and in particular
the misuse of defense bullets, the organizers announced that a minute of silence would be observed, at the end of the demonstration, to "pay tribute" to "dead or wounded victims and their families". The event
Act 10 The Yellow Vests Triumph "totals nearly 27,000" interested "people. On other calls to the mobilization, the organizers announced that the meeting place would be communicated a few hours before the event.

The known places two hours before in the region

If the details are not known, many calls to demonstrate this weekend, in the region, in Bordeaux, Rouen, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Angers, Saint Jean de Luz or Nancy, were launched on social networks. "We invite all cities that can join us for Act X in Toulouse", meanwhile, announced Maxime Nicolle, aka "Fly Rider",
in a live Facebook on January 15th.

Act 10 could also extend over the weekend since some "yellow vests" have given an appointment, Saturday from 20 hours, and all night, until Sunday to "exhaust the police ". A new test for the government, a few days after the publication of the letter to the French Emmanuel Macron and the opening
of the great national debate.