Weekend deals started with new offers!

At Saturn and MediaMarkt there are daily offers for all gamers. In addition to games and consoles, televisions, monitors, desktop PCs, notebooks, smartphones, and series and films are regularly reduced in price. We show you the best bargains and reveal in our deal ticker what you should definitely not miss.

In addition to the shopping platform of Amazon thrifty gamers and barbecues should regularly check out the online stores of Saturn and Media Markt keep an eye on.

January 18, 2019: The weekend at Saturn is here!

New weekend, new offers: From now on you will secure numerous top deals! At Saturn, for example, you can dust off the following bites by Monday:

Click here for the weekend deals!

16 January 2019: 3 games at a fixed price

At Saturn and MediaMarkt air until January 28, a particularly great action for all Schnppchenjger. For a short time you secure three top games for 49, 79 or 111 Euro! A fixed price for the best games, what can you do wrong?

Here it goes to 3 fr 49!

Here it goes to 3 fr 79!

Here it goes to 3 for 111!

January 15, 2019: Coupon promotion at MediaMarkt

Only today can you use a variety of useful coupons right at the beginning of the year to save a lot. In addition to additional gifts, strong discounts and extraordinary services, you can expect many tailor-made offers. Simply select favorite products, copy the online coupon code and add it to your cart!

Here's the big coup!

January 11, 2019: Here are the new Weekend Deals!

At Saturn, the latest Weekend Deals are launched, where you get a variety of entertainment products at a premium price! Who can resist to finally strike?

Click here for the Weekend Deals!

January 10, 2019: 3 free games for the graphics card

Buy an AMD Radeon RX and get up to three games for free! Get Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 and Devil May Cry 5 completely free when you choose a new model - best gaming with the best games.

Click here for the action!

05. January 2019: The current Weekend Deals are here!

Saturn has launched numerous new weekend deals, which will be valid until next Monday at 9 o'clock. Among others, the Robo Set by Nintendo Labo for 39 euros.

Click here for the Weekend Deals!

The game can begin!

In addition, you will only receive until 7 January 2019 when buying a new Nvidia Geforce RTX graphics card DICE multiplayer shooter Battlefield 5 for free.

Secure Battlefield 5 for free!

January 04, 2919: Samsung Smart Deals

From now until January 20, 2019, you will receive a gift coupon of up to 500 euros when purchasing a selected Samsung Premium TV in the online shop of Mediamarkt.

That's how it's done

  1. Select Samsung Promotional Product.

  2. Add to cart and make the purchase.

  3. MediaMarkt coupon code worth up to 500 euros received.

Click here for the Samsung Smart Deals!

03. January 2019: The offers in the new brochure at MediaMarkt!

Finally, the new MediaMarkt brochure is here! Only for a short time there are dozens of technology cracker for a uniquely good offer, sometimes even at the new best price! For example, notebooks, PCs, smartphones, tablets and accessories are offered in a less expensive way.

Among other things MediaMarkt offers the Microsoft Surface Book 2 currently instead of 1,749 euros for only 1,444 euros.

But attention: The new offers are only valid until Monday, the 07th of January 2019!

Explore now and save a lot!

January 01, 2019: Grace you, New Year!

The New Year brings fresh offers! Now you can save a lot of money when buying different products - but only until the 2nd of January at 9 o'clock.

Here are the offers!

January 01, 2019: New coupon promotion at MediaMarkt

From the 1st to the 15th of January 2019 you can use a number of useful coupons right at the beginning of the year to save a lot of money. In addition to additional gifts, strong discounts and extraordinary services, you can expect many tailor-made offers.

Here's the big coup!

December 30, 2018: Remainders, individual pieces and bargains at the hammer price

MediaMarkt has launched a new remainder campaign, where you can select selected items and bargains at a hammer price. Included are numerous smartphones, the Pokball Plus or even a PS VR!

Click here for the remaining stock deals!

December 28, 2018: Weekend deals, mobile phone deals and entertainment bargains

Today you can save fat at Saturn! From December 28th at 8:00 pm to January 2nd at 9:00 pm, secure yourself numerous incredible offers. In the mobile phone deals, many iPhones and Samsung are reduced, in the entertainment bargain dust from their perfect entertainment and with the Weekend Deals you get hardware for a top price.

Click here for the mobile phone offers.

Click here for the weekend deals.

Click here for the entertainment deals.

December 27, 2018: Spotshoppen at MediaMarkt

Only today and only for a short time you can really sposh at MediaMarkt! From 20 to 9 o'clock you secure here the big hammer deals:

Here it goes directly to the Sptshoppen!

December 27, 2018: The new Saturn brochure is here!

Finally, the new Saturn brochure is here! Only for a short time there are dozens of technology cracker for a uniquely good offer, sometimes even at the new best price!

For example, for just a few days you can secure a special bundle of the Nintendo Switch. Together with one of five games you pay a flat rate of just 319 euros!

Furthermore, Saturn offers a PlayStation 4 Slim 1 TB for just 244 euros. The Xbox One S 1 TB you can already buy for 195 euros. The LED TV UE40NU7199UXZG from Samsung is currently reduced from 699 to 375 euros.

Explore now and save a lot

December 24, 2018: PS4 Pro at a special price!

You received Christmas bonus? Then you should hit this now on the head! At MediaMarkt you are currently securing the PlayStation 4 Pro at a fantastic price of just 297 euros. You save more than 100 euros!

Click here for the offer!

December 24, 2018: Mega Tiefpreissptschicht

As part of the "Mega Tiefpreissptschicht" in the online shop of MediaMarkt you will receive top offers from the range. Only until the 27th of December 2018 at 8 o'clock you can order complete free shipping.

You can, for example, secure the Huawei Mate20 lite 64 GB for only 295 euros. In addition, you can save money on PC gaming accessories.

Click here for the offers!

Discount on gaming accessories!

December 22, 2018: But now contemplative!

As long as stocks last, you also have the option of, among other things, the Samsung UE75NU7179UXZG LED TV or an iPhone SE 32 GB gold.

The best deals at MediaMarkt!

December 21, 2018: Snatch of the day

In the online shop of MediaMarkt you can only today the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 Wi-Fi with 32 gigabytes and 10.5 inches screen size at a bargain price of only 269 euros secure.

Click here for the offer at MediaMarkt!

19 December 2018: The best Christmas offers

We take big steps to end the year and thus also the upcoming Christmas. So that you do not have to get the gifts to the last push this year, Saturn has put together numerous gift ideas in its online shop.

Find the right gifts for your loved ones!

December 16, 2018: The best PS4 offer of the year

At MediaMarkt you can only today to secure an incredibly strong PS4 offer. For just 229 euros you get a PS4 with 1 TB of storage space and Spider-Man! The ideal price for a Christmas present!

Click here for the PS4-Schnubchen!

December 15, 2018: The MediaMarkt advent calendar

Every day you can secure a particularly good offer at MediaMarkt. Every day between 8pm and 9am, a product will be greatly reduced, so it's worth checking out every night!

Click here for the advent calendar!

December 14, 2018: The current weekend deals are here!

Saturn has launched numerous new weekend deals, which are valid until Monday 9 clock in the morning. Fallout 76 for 30 Euros, a PS VR-Bundle for only 233 Euros and Shadow of the Tomb Raider for 45 Euros are among them.

Click here for the Weekend Deals!

December 13, 2018: The big gaming bites are here!

MediaMarkt has launched numerous offers that almost resemble an Advent calendar! Among other things, secure the following bites:

...and much more!

Here are the offers!

December 11, 2018: The big Saturn Advent calendar

With the big Saturn Advent calendar, you can look forward to particularly attractive offers every day between 8 pm and 9 am. You will discover stunts of tatters so completely.

Click here for the advent calendar!

December 09, 2018: buy 3 products, pay only 2!

Only today, December 9, the second Advent you can get a gift in the online shop MediaMarkt.

We already pointed out on the 2nd of December that customers will receive a gift for every product in the brochure - for example a PS4.

However, you will also receive a gift if you select three different entertainment items. Because the cheapest item in your cart is free. You have the choice between countless games and film or music titles.

That's how it's done:

  • Select three different entertainment items.

  • Add to Cart.

  • The amount is automatically adjusted in the shopping cart.

Action: 2 + 1 product for free!

December 04, 2018: New switch bundle now available!

A new Nintendo Switch bundle is now available at MediaMarkt. Included in the package is the console and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - and the unbeatable price of only 299 euros!

Buy Switch Bundle now at MediaMarkt!

02. December: Media Markt distributes gifts

Only until December 10, 2018, will you receive a gift from MediaMarkt for each product in the brochure.

By way of example, when you buy the Sony LED TV KD-55XF8505 you will get a PS4 with 500 GB worth 279 Euro for free.

For the Christmas campaign at MediaMarkt!

November 27, 2018: 100 years Panasonic

MediaMarkt celebrates 100 years of Panasonic and gives you the opportunity to receive a MediaMarkt coupon code in the amount of up to € 1,000.

That's how it's done:

  1. Select Panasonic Promotional Product

  2. Add to cart and make the purchase

  3. MediaMarkt received coupon code worth up to € 1,000

Click here for the offer on MediaMarkt!

The best deals on Amazon in the Deals ticker:

The new Remnant Sale: Everything has to go!

November 26, 2018: Cyber ​​Monday deals

Saturn has extended the Black Weekend in its own online shop and in the market around today's Cyber ​​Monday. So you can count on the final day of the action week with the best Schnappchen.

Cyber ​​Monday: Black Weekend Extended!

Red Sale at MediaMarkt

To match this, MediaMarkt has also extended the week of activities by one day and, as part of the Red Sale, offers numerous articles at some high discounts.

The Red Sale highlights at MediaMarkt!

November 24, 2018: Gaming offers for the weekend of the weekend

Both Saturn and MediaMarkt are thrilling on the weekend after Black Friday! For every gamer there are currently incredible offers to discover that cover the entire range of the two leading electronics retailers. Here is fr each something here!

Click here for Saturn!

Click here for MediaMarkt!

November 23, 2018: Black Weekend continues exciting!

At Saturn, the offer simply does not end! Until Monday at 9 o'clock tomorrow you secure hundreds of offers from all possible categories for the absolute top price. Whether gaming or electronics, here is something for everyone!

Click here for the Black Weekend!

November 22, 2018: Black Weekend launched at Saturn and Red Friday at MediaMarkt

The biggest discount battle of the year has started! From now on and only for a short time, you'll get massive discounts on Saturn's Black Weekend and MediaMarkt's Red Friday, including numerous gaming hits and tech snappers! The action is valid until the 26th of November.

Shop at Saturn now!

Shop now at MediaMarkt!

November 22, 2018: Smartphone offers at Saturn

Many retailers are currently organizing an action week, during which customers can purchase certain items at reduced prices.

If you are currently looking for a new smartphone, we recommend that you take a look at Saturn's mobile phone shop. Because here you will find different Black Week offers, which could be worthwhile for you.

To the Black Week offers at Saturn!

November 20, 2018: 3 games for 2 and more!

Next Amazon There are also various offers for cyber Monday at Saturn. Currently there is a super-cheap Xbox bundle for a whopping 166 euros, including an Xbox One S and the game Forza Horizon 4. In addition, you can secure 3 games for 2 and more of course!

Xbox One S 1TB Console - Forza Horizon 4 Bundle

3 for 2 Games Action!

Xbox One Controller + Wireless Adapter

November 18, 2018: Weekend Deals: Let's go at half price!

At MediaMarkt, when you buy a Nintendo Switch in Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition, you are currently getting Pokmon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokmon: Let's Go, Evoli! for half price.

Click here for the Pokmon offer!

3 films for 30 euros!

In the online shop of MediaMarkt you can secure for a short time 3 films for 30 euros. You have the choice of over 200 different titles.

That's how it's done

  1. Select the 3 desired products.

  2. Add to Cart.

  3. The price will be adjusted automatically.

3 films for 30 euros!

20% discount on PS Plus

Only for a short time you can currently get a 12 months valid membership in PS Plus for a special price in the online shop of Saturn and MediaMarkt. You save a whopping 20 percent!

Click here for PS Plus at MediaMarkt!

Click here for PS Plus at Saturn!

November 17, 2018: Offers for the weekend

What is better on a relaxing weekend than shooting one or the other bite? This weekend, you can choose from a total of 130 Blu-ray Steelbooks in the "3 for 18 € action" in the online shop of Saturn. You will receive three Blu-ray Steelbooks for only 18 Euro. Among them are catacombs, Dracula Untold, Pets and Jason Bourne.

That's how it's done:

Simply select the desired items and add them to the shopping cart. The discount will automatically be deducted from the total price at checkout. The action only runs until Monday, November 26, 2018 at 9 o'clock.

Click here for the "3 for 18 € action"

Only until the next Monday, November 19, 2018 at 9 o'clock you will find in the online shop of Saturn under various categories the best offers for the weekend.

Gaming Weekend

Direct to the Gaming Deals!

TV Weekend

Direct to the TV Deals!

Fitness Weekend

Direct to the fitness deals

November 14, 2018: The brand new Saturn brochure is here!

Finally, the new Saturn brochure is here! Only for a short time there are dozens of technology cracker for a uniquely good offer, sometimes even at the new best price!

Explore now and save a lot:

Click here for the new Saturn brochure!

November 12, 2018: Photo low-price week at MediaMarkt!

Until 19 November 2018 at 9 o'clock the photo-low-price-week with countless reduced articles takes place in the market as well as in the online shop of MediaMarkt.

Currently you get for example the system camera Canon EOS M100 + 15-45mm lens as well as the Cullmann Alpha 3500 tripod for only 299 Euro. In addition, all items within the photo-low-price week are free shipping.

Click here for the current Kracher offers!

November 09, 2018: New weekend deals started!

At Saturn, there are until Monday 9 clock new dust off! In the fresh weekend deals, you get including a Nintendo Switch bundled with FIFA 19 for only 315 Euro!

Here are the offers!

November 07, 2018: Low price latex with mega-discounts

Until tomorrow, the 8th of November at 9 o'clock, the Tiefpreissptschicht will be airing at MediaMarkt. Secure attractive offers in direct deduction, with additional gifts or particularly strong discounts!

Click here for the MediaMarkt campaign!

06. November 2018: PS4 starter package for the Kracherpreis

Until November 11, 2018, you'll secure a PS4 with Saturn at FIFA 19 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey for the round Firecracker price of only 333 euros! Nobody should miss that!

Click here for the PS4 starter package!

04. November 2018: Top offers for the weekend

Only until this Sunday, November 4th at 11:59 pm, you will receive the PS4 Pro Bundle with Red Dead Redemption 2 at the absolute top price of € 389 in the online shop of MediaMarkt! Also just today you can secure the PS4 Slim bundled with FIFA 19 and Assassin's Creed Odyssey for the low price of just 333 euros.

PS4 Pro bundle with Red Dead Redemption 2!

PS4 Slim bundle with FIFA 19 and AC Odyssey!

GiGa Gnstig

Only until the coming Monday, the 05th of November 2018 at 9 o'clock, you will get selected IT hardware and accessories at the absolute top price at MediaMarkt under the motto "Giga Gnstig".

To the Giga Gnstig offers!

Smartphone fever Samsung

Also only until 5 November at 9 o'clock you will receive selected Samsung smartphone highlights at low prices including a coupon worth up to 50 euros. In addition, gives you MediaMarkt the Versankosten.

Smartphone fever at MediaMarkt!

November 01, 2018: 3 fr 2 on anime

At Saturn you currently get 3 fr 2 in the anime action. Grab DVDs and Blu-rays and get the cheapest item for free! The action is still valid until 05. November 2018.

Click here for anime action!

November 01, 2018: MediaMarkt toy low price weeks

Only for a short time you secure at MediaMarkt strong discounts on attractive toys. Matching accessories are also reduced!

Click here for the toy offers!

October 29, 2018: The new Saturn catalog - The best offers of the week

Electronics specialist MediaMarkt has released its new brochure. Not only in the market itself, but also online expect you again many interesting offers. Included are tablets, PCs, games and other items. The offers are only available until today, 29 October 2018 and only while stocks last!

All offers from the current brochure!

October 26, 2018: Nintendo Switch for only 279 euros

At Saturn you get the Nintendo Switch for just 299 euros plus 20 euros direct discount, so that the final price is just 279 euros! Only for a short time and while stocks last.

Click here for Nintendo Switch-Schnppchen!

October 21, 2018: Sound low-price week at MediaMarkt

Currently, you can buy numerous sound devices at significantly reduced prices in the meanwhile already fourth low price week at MediaMarkt.

The offer is only valid until this evening at 8 pm!

Sound low price week at MediaMarkt!

Brand week at Saturn

Until October 22nd you can discover top offers from leading manufacturers in the online shop of Saturn from 20 to 9 o'clock of the following day - even through the weekend from saturday 20 o'clock till monday 9 o'clock. Every night is under the star of another brand. Let yourself be surprised!

Click here for the offers!

October 17, 2018: drone night at Saturn

The big drone night will take place at Saturn from October 17th from 8pm to October 18th at 9am. Secure first-class aircars at top price!

The drone night at Saturn!

October 14, 2018: 3 x 4K UHD Blu-rays for 50 Euro

You can save money again this weekend. Within a new action on MediaMarkt you can dust 3 x 4K UHD Blu-rays for 50 Euro. You have more than 100 different titles to choose from.

It's that easy:

  1. Select the 3 desired products.

  2. Add to Cart

  3. The price will be adjusted automatically.

This action only lasts until tomorrow, Monday, the 15th of October at 9 o'clock.

3 for 50 action on MediaMarkt!

Smartphone fever at MediaMarkt

Secure smartphones for absolute top prices!

It's that easy:

  1. Select action smartphone and add-on product.

  2. Both articles in the shopping cart.

  3. The price of the addition is deducted automatically in the cart.

To the smartphone offers!

October 12, 2018: Weekend Deals at Saturn

The new weekend offers at Saturn have started! Included are discounts on the C64 Mini, Shadow of the Tomb Raider or even a PlayStation 4. Only until Monday 9 o'clock!

To the Weekend Deals at Saturn!

October 10, 2018: Memory low price week at MediaMarkt!

Throughout the week, MediaMarkt offers various storage media at bargain prices. For example, you can secure memory cards for your smartphones or cameras at greatly reduced prices.

To the memory low price week at MediaMarkt!

October 05, 2018: Late Night Shopping is back

At Saturn you secure yourself Late night shopping fantastic deals, especially the day of the smile. You should not miss that!

This is the day of the smile!

October 05, 2018: Remnants at best prices

Everything has to go out at Saturn and MediaMarkt, which is why you get numerous remaining stock at the best prices. Whether gaming or technology, you should strike!

Click here for the remaining stock at MediaMarkt!

Click here for the remaining stock at Saturn!

October 04, 2018: Smartwatches and wearables

At Saturn, you get great smartwatches and wearbles for the very cheap price. Only valid until the 5th of August at 9 o'clock!

Click here for the offer!

03. October 2018: PayPal action for gaming

If you frequently pay with PayPal, you now benefit twice: at Media Markt you currently receive a full direct deduction on pre-orders! A basket of 100 euros will automatically be reduced by 15 euros, a basket in the amount of 200 euros even proud of 30 euros!

Secure now:

To PayPal action at MediaMarkt!

These are the best Schn

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