We can do things with the iPad Pro

Apple gives some ideas for using the iPad Pro in a series of new videos featuring the tablet, apps, and from time to time the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard. If the desire took him to create his podcast, the user of iPad Pro could use the (excellent) Anchor app, which deserves to pass under the lap of Apple as seen in the video above.

Need a presentation on the go? An iPad Pro, the Pencil and Keynote will do the trick:

The office is cluttered with flying leaves? Go to paperless with your tablet, Notes, Files and Word apps:

If you have a desire to redecorate your interior space, bim, a shot of augmented reality and go. You can even buy furniture from the iPad ...

If there is one area where the trio iPad Pro, Pencil and Smart Keyboard excels, it is in that of taking notes (OK, it starts to expensive Bic pencil and notebook). Small illustration:

This series tackles the uses of the iPad Pro in a very didactic way, similar to last summer with short videos showing ways to use the tablet. The message is perhaps more striking than with the charming advertising (but a little useless?) Featuring a girl with an iPad Pro, who asked what was a computer.