VIDEO. Wow! Fabulous 10.0 from American Katelyn Ohashi makes a huge box

Katelyn Ohashi, a UCLA gymnast in the United States, received a 10.0 score on 12 January 2019 after a fantastic performance. - UCLA Athletics

Better late than never. Especially with this kind of performance to lift you off your chair. Our internet watch service is closed on Monday (or tired ...) and we catch up the afternoon by offering the video of gymnast Katelyn Ohashi, who scored the perfect score of 10.0 on Sunday during a college competition. A rhythmic performance, smiling, catchy, seen by more than 31 million people. To see with the sound.

This American gymnast is nobody. Aged 21, she was considered a future star of sports in the United States a few years ago, as was Simon Biles. She had beaten the four-time gold medalist
Rio de Janeiro at the 2013 American Cup. Shouldered the following month, she chained the wounds and did not break through at the highest level.

We encourage you to listen to Katelyn Ohashi, who told her story in August in the Player's Tribune.