Tuktamysheva revealed the source of earnings of figure skaters: Winter sports: Sports: Lenta.ru

Russian figure skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva told about the sources of income for athletes. She announced this live on Instagram by journalist Maria Kommandnoy, writes Sports.ru.

According to her, most skaters earn on participation in the show. “When I have a break between competitions and at the same time I have strength and health, I sometimes go to the show. You can earn a lot on a good car, ”noted Tuktamysheva, adding that this would have to“ go on tour ”for a month.

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00:01 - November 16, 2018

She shared that the revenues for competitions are formed at the expense of prize money, but only if it is “good to ride” during the season. “If you just train, then the salary is not so big,” the figure skater explained.

In the course of the live communication, the 22-year-old athlete called herself elderly for this sport. She recalled that she has been performing for ten years, which is considered the end of her career. Figure skater said that she did not know how long her health would be enough: for one or two seasons.

During demonstration performances at the Grand Prix stage in Canada, Tuktamysheva appeared on the ice in the form of a flight attendant and performed a striptease, which made her popular on the net. She later admitted that she likes to be a sex symbol of Russian figure skating.