Toyota makes a new call to review more than one million cars

The Toyota group today announced the recall of 1.3 million vehicles in the United States to replace defective airbags from the Japanese manufacturer Takata.

Toyota said in a statement that the affected models are some units of Toyota 4Runner, Corolla, Matrix, Sienna, Scion XB and the Lexus ES 350, GX 460, IS 250C, IS 350C, IS 250, IS 350 and IS-F.

The defect air bags has caused the biggest call to review in the history of the automotive sector in the United States after causing the death of at least 15 people in the country and a total of 23 around the world.

The 1.3 million vehicles called for review today by Toyota join the more than 37 million cars in the United States, produced by multiple manufacturers, which had already been included in other campaigns to repair the airbags of Takata.

The Takata airbag scandal, which led to the bankruptcy of the company in June 2017, began in 2008 when several automakers started making calls to review to repair the airbags that exploded at the time of activation.

The airbags had been produced by Takata in Mexico using ammonium nitrate in the inflators.

This gas is unstable with the passage of time and in conditions of high humidity and temperature, which causes the explosion of the inflators at the moment of activation of the airbags.

For years, Takata refused to recognize the danger posed by these defective products and delayed calls to review the affected vehicles.

The scandal finally forced Takata to acknowledge his guilt and pay $ 1 billion to reach an agreement with US federal authorities.