Toyota and Paccar work with clean hydrogen trucks for polluted LA ports

"Drivers like these trucks because they are peppery and quiet," Lindgren said.

The fuel cell system used in the prototypes is supplied by Toyota and is an updated version of an original test vehicle deployed in the ports last year. The new trucks will actually make two stacks that produce about 228 kilowatts or 306 horsepower. This is a below-average performance as the electric motors that drive the wheels generate tremendous torque - although the Paccar and Toyota representatives did not have the final torque.

To improve performance and relieve the driver of a fuel cell truck, Paccar / Toyota technology requires only a four-speed gearbox and not the 18-speed gearboxes of the typical Class 8 truck.

In production, Andy Lund, the project's Toyota chief engineer, said the trucks had the same payload as a diesel rig.