This airport has been forced to close a terminal by the closure of the government

A terminal at George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas, has been forced to close on Sunday due to a shortage of security personnel who are not receiving payment for the partial closure of the government that began on December 22. The Miami airfield has also experienced a similar situation this weekend.

According to a statement from the Houston airport, "the safety control point of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Terminal B ticket sales desk remain closed" from this Sunday to 3.30 p.m. Although in principle the situation was going to be solved at the end of the day, the terminal closed Monday, according to the airport on Twitter.

Although flights scheduled to leave Terminal B will not be affected, from the institution they ask travelers to arrive at the aerodrome in advance to avoid these last minute changes. Passengers with scheduled departures from the affected terminal should now go to ticket counters and TSA checkpoints located in Terminal C and Terminal E.

"The recommendation to always arrive two hours before your flight leaves is especially important today," Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner tweeted on Sunday. "The shortage of TSA workers, due to non-payment during the closure of the US government, has caused this change." It is not clear when the terminal will reopen.

This has not been the only case. The Miami International Airport closed one of its terminals part of the weekend due to shortage of personnel. According to the institution this Monday has returned to normal. There were not enough agents from the Transportation Security Administration to check security.

Many TSA employees have declared themselves sick to protest having to work without pay in the middle of closing.