There is not enough property to sell (result, prices go up)

View of Zol Mellinet district in Nantes - SEBASTIEN SALOM-GOMIS / SIPA
  • In 2018, the price of old apartments and houses jumped more than 5% in Nantes.

  • A rise in prices also observed in the other municipalities of the metropolis.

The prices do not reach yet the levels observed in Bordeaux or Lyon, first cities of the classification, but the outbreak begins. While the city of Nantes, very attractive, hosts an average of 8,000 new inhabitants each year, the consequences in terms of housing are felt. "Given a very high demand, the offer becomes insufficient", summarizes Marie Denis, notary in Vertou. According to the Chamber of Notaries of
Loire-Atlantique, which drew this Thursday the balance sheet 2018, a decline in transactions has been noted since this summer. Result, prices skyrocketing.

If the new one does not move, the median price of an old apartment (143,000 euros) is up by 5.6% in one year, and 10.2% in 5 years. For homes, the outbreak is even more impressive: 5.9% in one year ... and 25% in 5 years! "We arrive at very high prices in the most popular districts of Nantes," reports Marie Denis. And especially the Saint-Félix district (where one out of two houses sold more than 500,000 euros), in the city center (3,380 euros per m², + 10% in one year), but also in Saint-Donatien sectors Malakoff or Dervallières Zola. Note that while we could still do good business there, the prices have also suffered a big blow of hot in the neighborhoods Nantes-North and Nantes-South, where a catch-up of prices takes place.

Median price of real estate in nantes in 2018
Median prices of real estate in Nantes in 2018 - Notaries of Loire-Atlantique

In the rest of the village

The agglomeration of Nantes does not escape this increase (4.3% all mixed), especially since it hosts more and more families cooled by the price of Nantes. The operation is often successful: while the median price of an old apartment is 2,830 euros / m² in Nantes, the price falls to 2,110 euros / m² in the first crown. A phenomenon that is also true for homes, (347,500 euros against 266,000 euros).

According to the figures of the chamber of notaries, it is in La Chapelle, Vertou and Sainte-Luce that the old apartments are the most expensive (Orvault, Basse-Goulaine and Carquefou for houses). At the bottom of the ranking are Rezé, Orvault and Saint-Herblain in the former (Saint-Sébastien, Indre and Bouguenais for houses). "The abandonment of the transfer of the airport did not upset the market, notes Jean-Charles Veyrac, notary. There is such a tension that there will be no price collapse. "

The shortage is likely to last

For 2019, the problem of shortage of offers could worsen. Because there is no reason that the territory stops attracting, while the lack of new housing is likely to continue. "There is a slowdown in the programs, pending the new urban planning rules of the local plan to be voted, recalls Grégoire Mitry, regional delegate notaries of Loire-Atlantique. It should also be remembered that we are approaching the municipal elections, a period unfavorable to the granting of building permits. "