The whole world is mourning death Boo, the cutest dog on the Web

Boo, the most "cute" dog in the world, is dead - REX / Shutterstock

Boo is dead and millions of fans are inconsolable. So we see you, in your filter bubble, ask yourself, "Who? But Boo see, "the cutest dog in the world. »Archi
Famous on social networks thanks to his adorable booze and the activity of his humans bombing their subscribers hundreds of shots for ten years, Boo died in San Francisco Friday at the age of 12 years.

Stuffed animals, books and various items of his own make the popularity of Boo, which has several American artists among his fans, even more popular. In a (very) long and (very) tearful message, Boo's owner, Irene Ahn, who works for Facebook (and Instagram so), informed Boo's 16 million fans of her death.

Heart on you Boo

She is delighted that Boo has joined his friend Buddy (another dog, who died in 2017) "on the other side of the rainbow". According to her, Boo had "literally" a broken heart since the death of his good friend and could not live any longer.

Nature, and the Internet, abhorred by emptiness, now remains to elect the cutest new dog in the world.

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