The stock market day on Friday, 18 January 2019

Nikkei 20666.07

The hope for a relaxation in the trade dispute between the US and China has the Tokyo Stock Exchange boosted the weekend. The investors are again risk-taking, said dealers.

Trigger was a media report on a possible lifting of US import duties on Chinese products, A proposal has been submitted by US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing insiders. He had brought the turnaround in the trade dispute for the next round of negotiations on January 30 in the game. A ministry spokesman denied the report, but investors took new courage.

The Nikkei rose 1.3 percent to 20,674 points, the highest level in a month. He also followed the positive requirements on the US stock exchanges, which had also been inspired by the media report. The MSCI Index for Asian equities outside Japan gained 0.7 percent. The Chinese stock exchange in Shanghai gained 0.8 percent.

The Euro quoted in the Far Eastern currency trading hardly changed at 1.1393 dollar, For the Japanese currency, the US currency was a tad higher at 109.32 yen,