The Smart Battery Case of the iPhone XS would charge the iPhone X, but how important?

Last night, Apple presented its new Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, but also for iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max.

These accessories are not yet on sale, but Apple distributed them to some journalists, other people could even buy them in shopbut they are still rare. In short, since this morning, the question that animates the forums is the possible compatibility of the Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS with the iPhone X. Why so much interest? On the one hand because no compatible model came out of Cupertino's labs, but especially, because the X, despite a good autonomy, remains a notch below the Plus / Max models and can not always finish the day. Why has Apple never created a suitable battery shell? Mystery because she held a good candidate.

For now, this pseudo-compatibility is still confused, some would have managed to load an X with the XS model, others say no. In practice, it would be strange for Apple to voluntarily restrict charging via the Lightning port for some devices, but the Apple has already accustomed us to choices of this type in the past.

Nevertheless this emulation around this product, often decried by its very design " special ", its excessive price and its ridiculous capacity the competition is a surprise, but it is the only model - to our knowledge - to handle both Lightning EarPods, wireless charging and battery level integration in iOS. Sometimes the difference with versions sold at 30 € on amazon is small details ...

Note that the X and the XS have slightly different dimensions, especially at the photo sensor. So, even in case of compatibility, the Smart Battery Case would not fit very well.

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