The richest man in the world announces his divorce

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, an American online shopping and sales company and considered the most valuable in the world according to Wall Street, surprised this week with unexpected news.

The richest man in the world, according to the classification made by Forbes magazine for his fortune valued at more than 120 million dollars, announced on his Twitter account that he divorces his wife Mackenzie Bezos. After 25 years of marriage, four children (three of them own and one adopted), and many possessions acquired during their marital union.

Jeff announced that after a long period of loving exploration and trying a separation they decided to divorce and continue their lives as friends.

He also added that they feel "incredibly fortunate to have met each other and deeply grateful for each of the years they have been married", as they have had a great life as a couple, that although the denominations change, they will remain a family and very dear friends.

The love story

Although both studied at Princeton University and she obtained her degree in 1992, they only met in 1993 when she moved to New York to seek employment and was interviewed by Jeff, who was the vice president of an investment management firm. called De Shaw.

The relationship had its beginning when she took the initiative and invited him to lunch, after being shocked by her "fabulous laugh", as she herself mentioned in an interview with the Vogue Magazine.

He, on the other hand, was looking for an "ingenious" woman and Makenzie was then indicated.

Jeff's dream

Being already married, Jeff decided to start a business selling books online and it was when they moved from New York to Seattle to give rein to the idea.

Although Makenzie said it did not make any commercial sense, during the first year of Amazon's operation he led the accounting, however, his strong point was always writing.

Bezos did not give details of the reasons for the separation, but it is speculated that the reason is because he has a love affair with the presenter of Good Day LA on Fox, Lauren Sánchez.

She is separating from Hollywood mogul Patrick Whitesell, with whom she has 13 years of marriage.

According to People, Patrick and Lauren have a friendly separation.