The price of gold drops to two pounds and the price of 21 pounds is 643 pounds per gram

The gold market opened its trading on Tuesday 8 January 2019 on a drop in prices of two pounds and the record of gold 21 caliber, the best-selling and popular in Egypt 643 pounds per gram.

The price of gold in Egypt was 643 pounds per gram, a relatively high price compared to the price of precious metal in the second half in 2018.

Gold prices in Egypt as follows:

Caliber 18: 515 pounds

Caliber 21: 643 pounds

Caliber 24: 734 pounds

Pound Gold: 5144 pounds

World price: $ 1282

The price of gold today

The price of gold today in Egypt within the main services provided by "Day Seven" and accompanied by an analysis of the performance of the market and the movement of sales of various calibrations.

Gold Today in Egypt

The price of gold in Egypt may see some variation from one province to another and from one trader to another, but with values ​​ranging from LE to LE 2 per gram, but the gold industry is witnessing significant differences from one company to another and from one retailer to another.