The possibility of maintenance for the better-off is "on the table"

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux - LUDOVIC MARIN / AFP

What to do ? The possibility of maintaining the housing tax for the 20% of the most affluent households "is on the table",
Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux said Monday, rejecting the argument of breach of equality before the tax.

The Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire said he was open Sunday to the debate on certain measures that have not yet been implemented, such as the abolition of the housing tax for the 20% of the most affluent households .

Not in the initial project

"The campaign promise to remove it for 80% of French (...) is set up" and now asks "the question of the last 20 percent," said Benjamin Griveaux on France Inter. Maintaining the housing tax for these wealthier households was not in the original project. The question of whether we will go on this remaining 20%, yes, she is on the table, "he added.

While the Constitutional Council had warned that maintaining the housing tax for only a portion of the population would be a breach of equality before the tax, the government spokesman said that "we can not explain that it is necessary to put more to contribution those who have more and when it is done, to invoke the equality with the tax ".

Gérald Darmanin rather favorable

"This is a question of law raised by the Constitutional Council and this will be decided in the context of a debate in Parliament," he concluded. On RTL, the Minister of Public Accounts Gérald Darmanin was Monday rather favorable to the French having "large incomes and large houses" continue to pay the housing tax: "Maybe one could indeed imagine that it would not be right to exclude them from his payment.

A little earlier on Cnews, the new delegate general of the Republic in motion, Stanislas Guerini, gave "reason" to Bruno Le Maire when he said he was open to debate on this topic. For, said Stanislas Guerini, "if we close all doors to all the reflections we can have, then we close the big debate" wanted by the executive in the territories to respond to the crisis of "yellow vests".