The photo of Bill Gates lining up for a hamburger that went viral

Who does not know that Bill Gates is a successful businessman, Microsoft owner, and therefore millionaire? These characteristics could make us think that it does not lead a life like anybody's.

However, a photograph that went viral on Thursday night shows the opposite and unveils one of the most human faces of Gates, behaving and doing things that we all do every day.

It turns out that a Facebook user was waiting for what he had ordered at a local Dick's Drive-In, in Seattle, when suddenly, looking at the other people waiting for their orders, he noticed that there was a man wearing a wine-colored sweater, dark pants and sneakers, which It was Bill Gates himself.

"When you're worth around $ 100,000,000,000, you administer the greatest charity in world history and you line up for a hamburger, fries and soda at Dick's like the rest of us," wrote the person who shared the photo.

This image has provoked positive comments in favor of Gates.