The owner of LADA Vesta spoke about the cost of maintaining the car

LADA Vesta - one of the most economical cars among the "classmates" in maintenance costs. Such a conclusion was made by one of the owners of Vesta, who calculated the costs of its maintenance.

According to the motorist and his friends, motorists, domestic cars do not need expensive oil. Experience shows that the cost and the country-manufacturer of motor oil (after all, it is believed that German and Japanese are the best!) Do not affect either the engine operation or the potential service life.

Anyway, even cheap oils, provided the optimum ratio of phosphorus and sulfur create a reliable oil film and reduce friction, as well as protecting the engine from wear, as well as more expensive ones. Of course, this also applies to our "Vesta", whose engine already from the factory has a cast-iron cylinder block, which gives it an extra margin of safety.

That is why, as the owner of Vesta noted, there is no point in expensive oil - it is better to change it more often than the manufacturer recommends. For example, once in 7000 km. In this case, the "VAZ" 16-klapnik, and any other similar unit will almost guaranteed to travel 200,000 - 300,000 kilometers, even without an overhaul.

In general, the content of LADA Vesta is really inexpensive. Compared with the closest competitor in the face of KIA Rio, whose TO-1 costs almost 8,000 rubles, only 5,400 rubles will have to be paid for the same complex of works for Vesta.