The owner: AvtoMedia: VladTime told about the costs of repairing LADA 4x4

A motorist bought himself a domestic LADA 4x4 SUV 2.5 years ago and during this time the Niva with a mileage of 23,000 km has experienced many breakdowns and problems.

Within a few days after the acquisition, the front wiper motor failed, for which 2,500 rubles had to be paid. Two weeks later - a new attack, frayed wiring harnesses throttle. As it turned out at car dealers, the defect costing the driver 1,800 rubles, happened because of the design miscalculation AvtoVAZ, which simply incorrectly packed the wiring harness.

Due to the negligence of the masters, during the repair of the harness, the splines of the wipers were damaged, which precluded the correct operation of the wipers. Additional repairs cost the owner of LADA 4x4 800 rubles. Then the anti-lock braking system went berserk — an error indication was turned on, and therefore ABS itself refused to work. I had to change all the sensors at once, for which the driver gave 3,200 rubles, but the problems with the electronics did not end there, and he eventually completely changed the control unit - another 10,000 rubles.

After about a year of operation, the Niva required the replacement of a burnt clutch - together with the work it turned out to be 10,500 rubles. Literally a month after that, the wiper motor failed again, and then the wiper pumps, so the car owner had no choice but to part with 2,000 rubles to purchase new units.

“It was the most serious damage Niva. It seems to be nothing substantial, but still somehow wrong, resentment hurts in my chest for almost a new car, ”the driver finished frustrated.