The network fascinated the Russian "Pradik" - the forgotten SUV GAZ-31061: AvtoMedia: VladTime

Domestic car really looks like a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado.

A high level of comfort, improved performance and a completely unusual appearance - the GAZ-31061 SUV has become one of the bold projects of the specialists of the Gorky Automobile Plant. The network talked about the features of this forgotten car.

GAZ-31061 was built on the basis of the GAZ-3106 "Ataman 2" model of 2000, which resembled the Porsche Cayenne. Interestingly, the domestic SUV was introduced two years before the debut of the "German".

The newer and improved GAZ-31061 debuted in 2005, and it looked like the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. The SUV increased the wheelbase by 40 mm, expanded the rear doors for a more comfortable fit-landing, reworked the front part of the body, and also improved the interior.

The basis of the car lay shortened spar frame from the pickup "Ataman". GAZ-31061 equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine of 2.13 liters and a power of 120 hp Long-travel spring dependent suspension with longitudinal forged levers allowed to move off-road at a higher speed.

Despite all the modern "chips", GAZ-31061 could not become a serial. The management of the Gorky Automobile Plant considered the model too bold, so it decided not to take the risk, especially who knows how much the production of such a car heaped up at that time would have cost.

Now the drivers in the network remembered about the forgotten SUV. Russian "Pradik" fascinated users: "Our response to the Japanese", "Original model! It’s a pity that they didn’t let out ”,“ Too beautiful ”.

Julia Romanova