The incredible money management system for horse racing handicappers

The handicappers of the horse over the years have claimed that money management is the key to successful disability. I think that's 100% accurate, nothing could be more truthful. If you do not currently have a fund management system, the only thing you are handicapping, is yourself. There comes a time when you say to yourself, "I need to develop a money management system."

The best part about using a money management system for horse racing is that you will not have to develop one yourself. Without any cost for yourself, here is a model that has been used for years by professional handicapped horse racing. I use it myself and it is really amazing !! You can test different methods without losing a lot of money and if it works, your profits will skyrocket.

This money management program is amazing

There has been a ton of research on different money management strategies and the results show that this is very profitable in horse racing.

A.) The majority of its capital must be allocated to win bets.

B.) The disabled should be more numerous when they win and less when they lose.

C.) Progressive methods and due column methods, which require heavier bets after losses until the next winning bet are ruinous.

D.) The most useful way to evaluate a financial management strategy is to submit it to a risk-benefit analysis. The most effective methods minimize risk while maximizing earnings.

The basic bet recommended for this fund management program starts is $ 2

This is simply based on BB (Base bet) + SR (square root of profits)

Using this option, each bet to be won is equal to $ 2 plus the square root of all profits that have been accumulated if no profit has been accumulated. As your profits increase, the bettor finds the amount to add to $ 2 by referring to a simple square root chart located below. This method presents a low risk of trying different methods of disability and allows you to quickly grow your bankroll with profits. This is something that ALL disabled people should put in place if they really want to make money. This is a systematic method of money management that gives a discipline of finances and avoids the worries that usually result from unsystematic money management. The $ 2 BB + SR base bet ensures that the bets are minimal.

Here is a small sequence of four races in which the first horse lost and the following 3 won the race to represent this program in practice:

P / L is if it went on for 10 races at this current win / loss ratio

Base Bet S.R. Total payment of the bet P / L P / Lx10

# 1 $ 2.00 X $ 2.00 Loss - $ 2.00 - $ 20.00

# 2 $ 2.00 X $ 2.20 $ 15.20 $ 15.20 $ 112.00

# 3 $ 2.00 $ 3.00 $ 5.00 $ 4.40 $ 17.20 172.00

# 4 $ 2.00 $ 6.00 $ 4.00 $ 5.00 $ 26.20 $ 262.00

The square root table is listed below.

On Profit Add

$ 0-2 $ 1

3-6 $ 2 $

$ 7-12 $ 3

$ 12-20 $ 4

$ 21-30 $ 5

$ 31-42 $ 6

$ 43-56 $ 7

$ 57-72 $ 8

$ 73-90 $ 9

$ 91-110 $ 10

$ 111-132 $ 11

$ 133-156 $ 12

$ 157-181 $ 13

$ 182-208 $ 14

$ 209-239 $ 15

$ 240-271 $ 16

$ 272-305 $ 17

$ 306-341 $ 18

$ 342-379 $ 19

Very simply, follow this money management program, it works. Here are some quick tips for managing your money.

Never bring more than you have planned on the track. This could be detrimental to your strategy because you start making bets that you would not normally do because you have an extra $ 20 or $ 2,000 in your pocket. Use your discipline. I suggest bringing the same amount of money with you every time you go on the track to create a habit. It should be something you can afford and with which you are comfortable. Some days, you can not cash a ticket to save your life and others, you can not lose. That coincides with the 10 commandments tomorrow is another day.

If your behind does not panic and starts playing 50 to 1 shots to get everything back, you dig a deeper hole. In reality, with the Ultimate Handicapper, it reveals a dynamic strategy to capitalize on the 1000 who do that. Do not be one of them.

I will conclude with one last point. Some will differ from my opinion but feel that it is easier to handicap a race and find the one that will come in second place than to choose two consecutive winners.