The gallon of gasoline drops 49 cents since Monday

The top gallon of gasoline will drop 49 cents from Monday, from 87.47 lempiras to 86.98 lempiras in Tegucigalpa and its surroundings confirmed by the Energy Secretariat.

Meanwhile, the gallon of regular gasoline will register a reduction of 45 cents, from 79.45 lempiras to 79 lempiras. In the case of diesel that is quoted at 76.49 lempiras will register low 11 cents, its new price will be 76.38 lempiras, always in Tegucigalpa and its surroundings.

For its part, the gallon of kerosene will decrease 53 cents, its new price will be 62.41 lempiras. The gas vehicle that is quoted at 41.75 lempiras will have a reduction of 34 cents, its new price will be 41.41 lempiras.

The liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder of 25 pounds maintains its price at 278.24 lempiras, according to the statement from the Energy Secretariat.

The price of oil fell 1.9 percent on Friday and stood at 51.59 dollars a barrel, a decline that broke the streak of nine consecutive days of increases, with investors worried again by the slowdown in economic growth.