The future Rafale will be ultra-connected to hunt network

While waiting for the arrival of a new European combat aircraft by 2040, the Rafale will benefit from an important update of the so-called F4 standard. It will strengthen its connectivity to evolve into a network and enrich itself with sensors and artificial intelligence. Explanations.

Available in the French army for nearly 18 years, the Gust is today considered one of the best fighter aircraft in the world. He is often in the running with the latest-generation American F-35, which has strong support from many nations and NATO members. To get up to this level, the fighter jet made in France has since its beginnings important updates based on standards (F1, F2, F3 ...). The current standard has been operational since 2018 and is called F3R. With him, the plane has become obsessed with space. In the space domain, a stellar sensor is an optoelectronic device used to orient satellites. "Data-image =" https: //fr.cdn.v5.futura-sciences. com / buildsv6 / images / midioriginal / 6/3/4 / 6349c4ee96_50036247_recopy-image-node-full.jpg "data-url =" / tech / definitions / sensor-technology-8460 / "data-more =" Read the definition " >sensors, again missiles of equipment Device ... "data-image =" "data-url =" / sciences / definitions / laser-physics-1989 / "data-more =" Read more ">laser and software enhancements.

On January 14, 2019, Florence Parly, the Minister of the Armed Forces, awarded Dassault the contract to develop Rafale's new F4 standard at its assembly site in Mérignac. It will cost 2 billion euros to see the first demonstration demonstrator fly by 2025. Do not expect an aesthetic revolution of thefighter jet. And yet, this update is a real revolution! It's under the cabin and in the companies ... "data-image =" datacenter.jpg "data-url =" / tech / definitions / data-center-computer-15675 / "data-more =" Read more ">data centers of the army that innovation will land. This standard F4 will switch the Rafale into the era of big data and hyperconnection. Its connectivity will, in fact, be enhanced so that it can communicate and exchange many amounts of data network with allied vehicles and even other forces deployed on the ground or at sea on the battlefield. This is what the military calls collaborative combat. In any case, the communication must be reliable, fast and secure, regardless of the distance. For that, it will be equipped with a new system of radio encrypted enhanced by new satellite links.

Dassault unveiled in a promotional video what may be the future European plane (Scaf). A device profiled to be stealthy and devoid of drifts. © Dassault

A technological leap, a strategic leap

The Rafale will also barder new sensors or optimize, to detect threats. Thus, its electronic scanning radar will be improved, its protection system with its latest scrambler will be enhanced (Spectra). Armament side, it will carry new generations of missiles and a nacelle laser sighting. The'artificial intelligence will also invite you on board. It will serve as an additional mechanic to predict the operations of maintenance to come, as well as realize Picks breakdowns and diagnose them. It must be said that a fighter jet like the Rafale must benefit from important maintenance work that comes to the ground. The idea is to reduce this time of diagnostic and maintenance.

This standard F4 should arrive gradually from 2023 to 2025 with the technological innovations. This important update of the Rafale will be a first step to draw concretely what will be the plane European Future Scaf (future air combat system). This aircraft will be developed by 2040 by Dassault and Airbus to replace the current Rafale and the Eurofighter.

What you must remember

  • The Rafale will strengthen its connectivity and acquire artificial intelligence in an update called F4.
  • The first demonstrators will be released in 2025.
  • These standards will be found in the European fighter of the future by 2040.

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