The first live photo and experience using the Galaxy S10 +

After a lot of rumors about the new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S10 + and the publication of its visualizations, the first live photo appeared. It was made a passenger on a bus that flies to Samsung headquarters in Suwon (Korea) and published by a member of the Reddit Hissick27 forums. As you can see, the photo is fully consistent with the visualizations that leaked to the Web in early December.

The photo captured the front side of the S10 + with narrow frames. Dual front camera, as expected, is embedded in the screen with a separate oval in the upper right corner. Considering that the smartphone has already been fully launched into production and will be presented to the public on February 20, it is almost certain that this is a genuine snapshot of the device.

Another Reddit member, ActuallyWorkOnBixby, who has already deleted his account, said that he was an employee of Samsung on campus in the South Korean city of Suwon, and wrote that the photo captured the smartphone in a protective case with a hinged lid, and its user deleted the security software that displays on the screen a watermark with the name of the employee and the device ID, which will create many problems for his colleagues.

The same informant said that he had at his disposal a Galaxy S10 +, and provided many comments about the smartphone: from the order of placement of icons in the status bar to the impact on the user environment embedded in the camera screen. According to him, the phone fits well in the hand, it is easier to Note 9 and about the same size. The cut doesn’t interfere with the work at all, although he tried not to run too many games and movies because of the annoying security watermark. The new shell of OneUI is perceived as refined and very fast, which, however, was easy to understand from the video presentation presented in December and taking into account a more powerful platform.

Regarding the fingerprint sensor, the prospective Samsung employee reports: "Cool, although face recognition usually happens faster". The fingerprint sensor under the screen is hard to find because “The user interface on the lock screen does not indicate it”. Surely these little things will be corrected by the time the unit is released.

Face identification is not based on iris scanning. “At least not in the software build that I have”- said the same member Reddit. Nevertheless, it works better than the previous generation and other Android smartphones, and more closely matches Apple's FaceID. “Not sure if it was the hardware or the software”- added the informant. Answering additional questions, he said that a setting was available to increase touch sensitivity for screen protectors, but did not say if the film affected the fingerprint scanner.

According to him, the current build of Bixby’s voice assistant has not changed significantly compared to Note 9. The development team’s focus is on developing SDK tools, updating Galaxy Home, constantly improving voice recognition and generating responses.

The informant summed up his impressions with the words: “As with the last few generations of any phones, the differences are not huge.”. Given everything known about the Galaxy S10 +, this is probably true. It seems that the claims of Samsung Mobile head Dong Gene Ko (DJ Koh) that the changes will be very significant may be somewhat exaggerated.

Unfortunately, nothing was said about such an important side of the new smartphone as the rear triple camera Galaxy S10 +, the characteristics of which were described in detail by journalist Max Weinbach. Although there may be many innovations and attractive features in this area - the quality and capabilities of the camera are one of the key factors in choosing a modern smartphone. On the distinctive features of all three devices of the new series, Galaxy S10 E (Lite), Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 +, you can learn from the information told by the same journalist.

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