The executive is entangled on the end of the housing tax

If it were necessary to prove it, the round trips on the abolition of the housing tax for the 20% of the wealthiest French since Sunday illustrate how much the tax debate, even before it opens , will be difficult to lead. And how difficult it will be for the executive to be open to debate, without disavowing its promises or faking its electoral base, and without giving the impression of guiding it and having decided on measures even before it 'takes place.

Sunday, it is therefore the Minister of the Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, who, questioned during the Grand rendez-vous Europe 1 - CNews - "Les Echos", ensures that it is essential that the suppression of the housing tax, including for the 20% of the wealthiest French "Be completed"but that"We can very well ask the French" if he is 'Legitimate' to do it for "The richest 20%".

Admittedly, the campaign promise of Emmanuel Macron concerned 80% of the French, but he had assured, in November 2017, want to expand it to all. And if for this 20%, the measure was not yet voted, it was not, so far, officially put back on the table. "If we answer no to every request of the French, if we are not able to listen to the demand for justice that is expressed everywhere in France, we will not succeed in the debate"added Bruno Le Maire. In short, enough to suggest that the hypothesis is more than on the table, when the executive has already closed the door to the return of the ISF or a reform of inheritance rights.

It must be said that the crisis of "yellow vests" has passed by and that the services of Bercy actually work on this assumption "For at least a month and the president's announcements on purchasing power"
, according to a government source. The fiscal situation has worsened and Bercy is more than ever in search of billions. Voting the removal of the housing tax for the 20% of the wealthiest French also gives cold sweats to some in the majority.

Damage in the dreaded LREM electorate

But in government as in the majority, the debate is keen. Some ministers are very hostile to the non-elimination for all of the housing tax. And then, when the head of state says he wants to not give up the reforms and move forward, anything that could be a step back is wrong.

The executive is trying to prevent him, explaining that it would not be a step backwards for the 20%, because for them, it was not a campaign promise ... The damage, too, in the electorate of LREM are dreaded.

Tuesday morning, to everyone's surprise, Bruno Le Maire wanted " clarify " his position, assuring that she had been "Misunderstood". And to hammer that it was necessary "Go after the abolition of the housing tax". While indicating that "This does not mean that this topic is part of the debate we will have on taxation. We will not decide in advance of its outcome. What, this time, to give the impression that the pendulum, after having left strong on one side, returns strong from the other.

Wanting to close the sequence, the Elysee said Tuesday late afternoon that "The suppression for 80% of the French is already registered"that the government consider a suppression for all, but that the subject is well "On the table for the big debate". Not sure that the French are there.

Isabelle Ficek