The court orders Apple to withdraw misleading statements about the availability of the iPhone

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In the course of the current lawsuits with Qualcomm Apple was prohibited last month the selling of the iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany. Nevertheless, the company announced in a press release that the handsets would remain available to thousands of resellers.

Now, a court has ordered Apple to stop this claim. The ruling calls this section of the press release "misleading" and "potentially deceptive."

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After the verdict in December, Apple issued a press release stating that all of its iPhone models could be available throughout Germany via carriers and resellers. The court was not satisfied with this suggesting that Apple's statement "gives the impression of unlimited availability" - which is simply not the case.

As reported by Reuters, the recent ruling of a three-headed panel states:

The press release is misleading as it contains statements that at least potentially deceive the availability of the goods, in particular the iPhones affected by the decision.

Qualcomm says the verdict "speaks for itself". Apple wants to appeal the verdict.

Image credit: Lantern works / Shutterstock