The best tips for saving your garden

If you need to update your current garden furniture or if you intend to buy it for next year, here are some ways to save money while adding furniture to your porch or your home. terrace this summer.

Buy the basics of the garden out of season

Garden furniture is a seasonal activity and off-season shopping generally results in lower costs. Purchase garden furniture, barbecues and grills by the end of the summer to save a lot of money. Most retailers offer end-of-season discounts. By holding back on these huge purchases, you could get a good deal.

Separate your perennials

Detach your covering and expansive perennials and separate them from the roots with a shovel or fork. You will get some small plants that you can then give to friends or move to another end of the garden. Reusing and modifying the plants you already have, instead of buying new things, will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Put your money in Best Buy items

The consumer's website & # 39; Which? & # 39; Test a range of garden items for yourself, to make sure you can spend your money on the right things. However, you do not need to listen to internet reviews nor spend a lot of money to get quality articles. The price of lawn mowers varies enormously: on Amazon, for example, you can find one at € 50 or € 900, but it still has more than 4.5 out of 5 stars according to more than 400 reviews. A small amount of research from you will yield the best results.

Develop from seeds

Planting seeds rather than buying more plants will save a lot of money. Often, a bag of seeds will contain more than necessary, so why not share them with a friend or a loved one who also loves horticulture? A bag of 10,000 poppy seeds, for example, can cost you less than £ 2.00, while a set of three fully developed poppy plants can reach £ 20. You do not have to be a genius in math to see the benefits.

Recycle your leftover fertilizer

Reuse last year will not be a terrible plan, but it will certainly not be the most effective way to help your plants. So, are you throwing it away? Certainly not! Just cut it with a new bag and use it to get great results without wasting the fertilizer of last year. This is, of course, unless it is a wet or wet fertilizer. In this case, it will have negative impacts and you should simply throw it on your compost pile instead.

Update your furniture

To change your garden decor, you do not need to buy a whole new set of garden furniture. Instead, check to see if you can work with what you have and maybe update it. If your garden set is metal, you can buy shower paint, mainly for outdoor furniture, to revitalize the look. If you have a wooden porch furniture, you can repaint it by giving it a different color to give it a different look.

Another great way to give a second life to your garden furniture is to buy new cushions for your porch furniture. It's much cheaper to update only your cushions and porch cushions than to create a whole new set.

Shop at the end of the summer

Lastly, although it is considered an off-season purchase, be sure to shop at the end of the summer, when stores know that the garden furniture will experience a sharp drop in their purchases. Prices will also drop as stores attempt to get rid of their surplus inventory and give way to the winter collection., Which will allow you to enjoy good deals.