The ADD Guide to Making Money on the Internet - Get Rich Click from Marc Ostrofsky Book Review

Stuffed like Granny's Thanksgiving turkey

Make money online. Mmmm, it does not look great! Easy money, no? Well, maybe that could be according to the pioneer of the millionaire Internet, Marc Ostrofsky. In his book, Get Rich Click, Ostrofsky offers many monetary ideas and examples of people who have used them to make money online, a lot of money. Besides several pages of praise on the book (mainly from other successful online marketers), the book contains 17 full chapters of methods for breaking into the Internet money market. Mr. Ostrofsky also explains to the reader how to develop a state of mind to get into this activity, as well as many references to resources for tools or additional information.

What I liked in this book is the fact that it actually delivers the goods. The methods presented are proven methods for making money on the internet and Ostrofsky gives you enough information on the method to at least get started, if you wish to continue. So, in terms of quantity, this book is a winner. If I ever sat down and wrote a list of all possible ways to make money on the internet, selling personal items on eBay to selling domain names for millions of dollars (Okay, maybe the domain name for millions of dollars is not it I do not think I could have covered this area better than this book.

The other thing that I liked in this book is the resources provided. In each method described in the book, Ostrofsky provides links to resources for tools or vendors that are valuable to the novice entrepreneur. In addition, at the end of the book you will find an entire chapter devoted to information about resources and suppliers.

Because Get Rich Click is full of information that could be useful to frequent Internet users, I highly recommend it. I congratulate the authors' style for presenting key key processes in either numbered or easy-to-follow sequences. As a person reading a lot of technical information on the web or in books, it's refreshing to see the steps broken down into small pieces that are easy to read and digest. The book is also divided into smaller sub-chapters, which makes it quite fast. For those of us who are only interested in one or two specific methods, the book is designed to accommodate them easily. Of course, I do not recommend it because you will not get the most out of your book by simply choosing a method or two.

Now my grain of salt

Despite my recommendation of the book, a warning just for anyone with his hand flew over the "buy now" button on Amazon; I would like to point out some points that I do not like in the book.

First - although the book seems to be organized in a nice standard Microsoft Word structure with titles and subtitles to which text is attached, the organization of the author's thinking departs sometimes a bit of the course. For example, in the chapter entitled "Cashing out your payments - quick and easy", the author starts collecting credit card payments, using direct delivery, and so on. Until here everything is fine. But right in the middle of it all, he presents a flowchart and concept related to database marketing, as well as qualification and sales leads. What? What does this have to do with being paid? I've found examples of this style of ADD writing throughout the book, which could be more attributed to a bad editing than to a bad writer, but in either case, that removes a little time to the process.

Secondly, you can not read the book without feeling a bit snooké. It is obvious that many of the references provided by the author must be obtained through a link to his website. No doubt it is for a monetary affiliation with this referenced product or service. While the book IS about money online and I can not blame the author for trying to make money as he proposes it to you, reader, it would be so refreshing to read a book about online marketing or the really altruistic monetization on the part of the author (as they claim). are.) "I have earned some money so I want to give back, blah, blah, blah ....." Do not be deceived; In addition to the profits made by the sale of books by Ostrofsky, his intention is to connect you, reader, as a potential source of income. So keep that in mind. Personally, that does not pose any problem to me and frankly, if the opportunity arose, I would probably do the same thing myself. Nevertheless, it is nice to dream of giving truly to people whose only motive is to give back to the community.

Finally, the last thing I disliked in the book is the self-enlarging author who is omnipresent in the book. Again, this is very typical for this type of book where the author uses his own success as the most brilliant example of how to do what they promote in their books. Maybe I am not right here, because of course we would not want to hear the author unless he has done nothing to establish himself as an artist. expert on the subject. Nevertheless, I hope to continue to find one that is not like that. I think it's quite possible to present your success without presenting yourself as a dropper to the manic name of the ego. Get Rich Click It's not as bad as that, but there was enough self-aggrandizement in the book to irritate me from time to time.


OK, so maybe I'm jealous or maybe I've never been a good supporter of the saltiest stereotypes that tend to write those books that bring in money. Index, index ... does this mean that this type of personality is a prerequisite for success? No, I do not really believe that's true. In fact, when you think about the concepts promoted in this book for success "online", which involves individual achievements not related to the company, an autonomous entrepreneurial spirit and an independent mind, then logically, the opposite could be true. I've somewhat criticized Mr. Ostrofsky for the style of his salesman in the book, but I congratulate him anyway on creating a story and an example of wit and d & rsquo; Individual ingenuity. These are the stories that interest us and encourage us to buy books to see if we can do anything to emulate these stories.

This book is too full of good information not to read it. You may need to study a little further before any specific method that interests you, but the book provides a comprehensive overview of each method presented. I note a book of this kind, which is meant to inform and educate, about what I actually learned. And I learned from this book, in addition to several good ideas and resources that I hear deepen. I feel you will do it too.