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This is more than three thousand jobs.

The manufacturer of electric cars Tesla will reduce 7% of permanent employees, said the head of the company Ilon Musk in a letter to employees. At the same time, Tesla should increase the production volume of the Model 3 electric vehicle and make it more accessible to the mainstream market.

In 2018, Tesla staff numbered about 45,000 workers, indicates Bloomberg. As a result, the company will lose about 3,150 jobs. Musk recalled that in 2018 the company increased the number of staff by 30%.

The reduction of staff has become one of the cost-cutting measures that the company has taken recently in the hope of increasing margins, CNBC said. In early 2019, Tesla stopped production of the cheapest versions of the Model S sedan and Model X crossover. From February 1, the company also will close referral program for Tesla owners who could get bonuses, if their friends also buy a company electric car.

In the letter, Musk called the year 2018 the most difficult, but also the most successful in Tesla history. Now, according to him, the company faces a difficult task: to make electric cars, batteries and solar batteries a competitive alternative to traditional vehicles and energy sources.

“Despite the great progress, our products are still too expensive for most consumers,” said Musk.

Tesla was forced to make reductions, including in order to be able to sell Model 3 in the average configuration for $ 35,000, wrote Musk. Now the final cost of the cheapest version of the Model 3 is $ 44 thousand.

There are many companies with a better life-work ratio, because they are larger and work in more mature industries where there is no such predatory competition.

I thank those who leave for everything you did to achieve our goals. I am deeply grateful for your contribution to Tesla. Without you, we would not have achieved all that we have achieved.

Elon Musk

Tesla head

Tesla shares in preliminary trading on January 18 fell by 8.1% to $ 319 per share.

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