Take-up fantasies: Renewed speculation about mergers drives up Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank shares | message

The papers of the Deutsche Bank were with 8.39 per cent to 8.11 euros largest price winner in the DAX. Commerzbank shares rose by 7.42 percent to 6.65 euros in the MDAX.

The "Handelsblatt" reported that the Federal Government is increasingly committed to a merger of the two German moneyhouses. Representatives of the Federal Government pretended to BaFin for banking supervision because of a possible merger. In recent months, there have been repeated media reports about a merger of the two banks.

"The speculation about a takeover of Commerzbank by Deutsche Bank or another European bank will continue in 2019," analyst Markus Rieelmann from Independent Research recently stated. In the meantime, this could certainly support stock prices.

At least in the short term, a fusion scenario is unlikely, the expert added. Because both German institutes are currently in the middle of the reconstruction. Operatively, Commerzbank had to fight especially with its still low capital market interest rates. Thus, net interest income accounts for around half of total income.

In fact, the shares have always been able to profit from the speculation of the merger for only a short time. The overall downward trend continued: Papers from Deutsche Bank add up to a third of the interim high of mid-2018. At the end of last year, they fell to a historic low. Commerzbank shares also plummeted from the intermediate high at the end of September by around a third. By the end of 2018, they had fallen to their lowest levels in more than two years.

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Image sources: Deutsche Bank AG, Julia Schwager / Commerzbank AG, canadastock / Shutterstock.com, Commerzbank AG