Starting protocols sprints at the VII stage of the World Cup in cross-country skiing 2018/19 in Otepää

Today, January 19, at the VII stage of the World Cup in cross-country skiing 2018/19 in Estonian Otepää, individual sprints in the classical style will be held. The beginning of the qualification is at 12:25, the finals - at 14:55 Moscow time. We offer to the readers of "Ski Sport" start protocols of the competition.

Unfortunately, Russian Sergey Ustyugov, who misses the Estonian stage due to health problems, will not start. "Sergei will miss the race because he has health problems," said athlete coach Marcus Kramer in an interview with TASS. The stage of the World Cup due to illness will also be missed by Olympic medalist Yulia Belorukova.

In women, the red group will be 19 people (numbers from 1 to 19). In the red T-shirt of the leader of the World Cup sprint standings, Swede Steen Nilsson (No. 2) will start.

Russian team:

Natalya Nepryaeva No. 9, Natalya Matveyeva No. 18, Tatyana Alyoshina No. 23, Evgenia Shapovalova No. 28, Elena Soboleva No. 29, Olga Tsaryova No. 32 (leader of the Eastern European Cup), Alisa Zhambalova No. 50

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In the men's race, a group of seeded athletes will be only 15 people. In the yellow jersey of the overall World Cup leader at number 9, Norwegian Johannes Klebo starts.

Russian team:
Alexander Bolshunov No. 8, Andrey Sobakarev No. 12, Gleb Retivykh No. 14, Andrey Krasnov No. 23, Artyom Maltsev No. 42, Ilya Semikov No. 45, Alexander Immortals No. 47.

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Schedule of starts and broadcasts of the 7th stage of the World Cup in cross-country skiing 2018/2019 in Otepää