Spotify could invite itself in any car before the end of the year

Nowadays, to use Spotify in car, most people connect themobile app the Bluetooth speakers of their vehicle. Or better, if it's already connected, just go directly through the integrated dashboard: an easy process to set up when you take advantage ofAndroid Auto for example.

For some time now, rumors about a connected speaker manufactured by Spotify flee on the canvas. So far, product information has remained fairly thin. And even if we still do not know more about its characteristics, its date of exit could be fixed at 2019.

A connected object at Spotify?

According to US journalists Financial Times, a signed device Spotify and intended to be installed in our Car could happen on the market before 2020 to enable conductors to take advantage of their service of streaming music favorite without having to lift a finger.

Indeed, there is a good chance that it offers voice command in order to control it while continuing to watch the road. Such added value could thus enable the Stockholm firm to cope with the competition tough on his sector.

What price for this novelty?

The next device marketed by Spotify should cost around $ 100, while connecting to the car in which it is installed thanks to Bluetooth. It should also offer a quick access to playlists of the subscriber.

Without further details, it is difficult to comment on the importance of such a tool. Because apart from the old models of vehicles who do not have enough to receive a radio, I do not see who would prefer to do without his smartphone to start playing a music... especially when you know that voice assistants are now available as well on Android only on iOS.