Soon a law to prohibit the destruction of unsold new products?

The Amazon site of Lauwin-Planque in 2015. - PHILIPPE HUGUEN / AFP

After the broadcast of a report on the destruction of thousands of new products unsold by Amazon, Sunday in the show "Capital" on M6, which "shocked"
Brown Poirson, the Secretary of State for the Ecological Transition, the latter announced that a law would prohibit this type of practices.

" I am shocked. Outraged (...). In the coming months, a law (on circular economy) will pass in Parliament that will prohibit this type of practice. Companies like Amazon will no longer be able to throw away products that are still consumable, "said Brune Poirson, guest on the set of" Capital ".

A legal practice but "revolting"

In the report broadcast Sunday, a journalist showed how he managed to get hired as a warehouseman in one of the warehouses of Amazon, Saran (Loiret), to film including large containers for the destruction of objects of all kinds: diapers, coffee machines, televisions, toys etc.

The journalist also unveiled the clauses contained in the contracts between Amazon's platform ("market place") and the third-party vendors it hosts and stores the products in its warehouses. These agreements provide that in case of unsold goods, either the goods are returned or they are destroyed even new, a legal practice though "revolting".

Companies soon responsible for the products they market

Companies using these practices "will also not render unfit for consumption products that could still be used: for this they will have to fend for themselves and find solutions," added the Secretary of State for Ecological Transition. Otherwise, "we will punish".

Brunette Poirson also announced that she would like to "go even further: we want to consider" market places "such as Amazon as being responsible by default for the end of life of the products they market", without specifying how.

A petition against Amazon

Also present on the set, Alma Dufour, spokesperson of the association "Friends of the Earth", welcomed these announcements "welcome at a time when the number of destroyed products could increase to 6 million in 2019
with the doubling of storage space of the multinational in France, if nothing was done.

"The climate emergency requires us to rapidly reduce production levels," said the activist. Alma Dufour has announced the launch of a petition condemning the destruction of unsold by Amazon:
"We can not throw away, destroy products that we could give to families in need".