Sony PlayStation 4 will get the opportunity that will make users jump in delight

Every year, game consoles of the current generation are becoming less and less interesting to users, as they are rapidly becoming obsolete. However, the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console will soon have the opportunity to make users jump in delight, because they can watch movies, TV shows and TV shows for free, listen to music, and perform a number of other actions. All this will happen due to the fact that for this console will release a VLC media player.

As the creator of the popular VLC media player, Jean-Baptist Kempf, said in an interview with reporters, a proprietary application for the Xbox One game console, which is very popular, was recently released. In this regard, it was decided to create a version of this program for other platforms, namely for Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Roku devices. When exactly the release will happen is not yet reported, but it is guaranteed to happen in the next few months, that is, you will not have to wait for several years.

Currently, there are already several video players for PS4, which include Sony Player, Netflix, YouTube and online cinemas. However, they all have severely limited capabilities than many users are dissatisfied, because, due to a number of prohibitions, it is simply impossible to use Sony PlayStation 4 as a complete set-top box for a TV or monitor. VLC media player will improve the situation for the better, making it so that all users can watch videos even from remote repositories using various protocols.

Thus, thanks to VLC, owners of the Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console will have the opportunity to use the console as a full-fledged device for a TV capable of displaying various digital content. There is every reason to believe that this media player in the PS4 version will even receive support for external data storage devices, from which it will be possible to start playback of any digital content. One of the advantages of VLC is that it supports a huge variety of different codecs and formats, and this makes it extremely versatile.

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