Shakhtar fans discuss possible transfer of Rakitsky to Zenit

Shakhtar Defender Yaroslav Rakitsky agreed a contract with Zenit for 3.5 years. According to Tribuna, by agreement, the 29-year-old football player will receive about € 2.5 million per year.

As you might guess, users of social networks in Russia and Ukraine have reacted keenly to the resonant news. It is not surprising that the fans of the Donetsk club are discussing it most actively - after all, there have not yet been others in Rakytsky’s career.

Transfer Rakitsky from Shakhtar to Zenit: Pros and Cons

Many insiders and not a word about politics.

Shakhtar Fun Facebook Page

Ramil Storks: “Good luck! A good continuation of a career. But for the "Mine" loss.

Konstantin Perepichayenko: “We must urgently give away! I thought this “Miner” should pay someone to leave. ”

Irina Grinovetskaya: “Good luck to Yarik! For the SD brought a lot of good! But for more than five years one cannot play in one place, many people lose their motivation. ”

Ruslan Dubrovsky: “I hope, after such a“ patriotic ”act, he and the Ukrainian team will no longer be invited to perform. And then the anthem is forced to perform, the person is suffering. "

Group of fans of FC Shakhtar Donetsk on Facebook

Valery Gnitsevich: “It's okay. You need to play around with Matvienko and recall the Sable. ”

Artem Semenov: "Now it certainly will not be in the national team."

Alexander Shcherbina: “What motivation can there be when playing against rogue parties that are two or three leagues lower in level of football?”

Dmitry Zagoruy: “Well, maybe even a normal defender will be acquired, otherwise there’s zero point in the Champions League.”

Sergey Zaskal: “People, what are you carrying? Cancer - our main defender, without it will be a complete ass. The guy just got Natsik with their problems, and that’s what the person from this hell is doing. ”

Alexander Shcherbina: “I think that he is least concerned about what and who says about him. Just a suitable option, a wonderful city, very beautiful. The championship is not the fastest in Europe, plus good money and low taxes. The club has excellent infrastructure, and the standard of living in St. Petersburg is more interesting in Kiev. ”

Robal Tko: “I didn’t doubt that if anyone went to Russia, then it’s Rakitsky. I don’t want to take these to Ukraine’s team”.

Artem Garnik: "Shaval Fonsesko Yarik (((The line for Pyatov ..."

Ukrainian Rakitsky close to the transition to the “Zenith”. Is a political scandal coming?

The 29-year-old central defender understands what is going on, agreeing to move to St. Petersburg.

Guest page fans of "Miner" on the site "Terrikon"

Bogdan: “If this is so, then some kind of irresponsible decision of the club with a lot of reputational losses. Only a sum with seven zeros can block them. ”

Yelvis: “Doesn't this news appear every off-season?”

Hotabych: “If the deal goes through, it will be possible to consider it a top management pilot. IMHO. To alloy an aging, thoroughly handed over player who fell out of favor with the head coach, for tremendous money for his current state and for a penny to find a tall guy who is good at the bottom is a great job. ”

Community football club "Shakhtar" (Donetsk) "Vkontakte"

Alexey Konstantinov: “Legend! I support his every decision! ”

Anton Komyshev: "I would be happy for him."

Anton Gripak: “In my opinion, Rakitsky has passed very recently, and this is not a couple of months, but a couple of seasons. I do not think that the sale of Rakytsky will directly weaken our team. We have a promising Matvienko, who in the center can also play, and even much faster and more agile than Yarik. ”

Andrei Yaroshenko: “10 lyamov for cancer? !!! Well, it's not serious!

Sergey Pakhomov: “First Dario and Kucher, now Rakitsky? Does Fonsek remove all influential players? ”