Saturn's rings are younger than the planet, according to a new study - Vida Actual - Latest news from Uruguay and the World updated

A new study that measured several factors of Saturn's rings, such as structure, mass and age, determined that these were not formed at the same time as the planet and are much more recent, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. .

Thanks to the information provided by the Cassini spacecraft, the scientists were able to determine that, while Saturn was formed in the early phase of the Solar System, its rings are younger.

The mass of the rings implies that they are only 10 to 100 million years old, an age much lower than that of Saturn, of 4,500 million years.

Even so, the data does not indicate how the ring system was formed so recently, said the research team, led by Luciano Less.

So far, the orbit of the Cassini spacecraft was always outside Saturn's rings, but in its final phase the object was placed in between them and the planet, so he managed to study the gravitational effects of both separately.

This new report moves away from the previous theoretical predictions, since they did not take into account the different speeds of rotation present in the gaseous planet.