Russians told how much LADA Vesta Sport should cost: Automedia: VladTime

Motorists are confident that the new product from AvtoVAZ is unreasonably expensive. The “adequate” price was offered online.

In the social network "VKontakte" in one of the communities for the owners of LADA Vesta, it was reported that the new "Vesta" with the prefix Sport had already begun to arrive in Tyumen dealership centers. In the comments, motorists discussed the price tag for the model - in the "maximum speed" the novelty will cost customers 1,057,900 rubles.

Motorists were outraged by the price tag on the LADA Vesta Sport. "It's too expensive! You have to be a big fan of Tazi to buy it, ”says one of the commentators.

Most motorists agreed that the new sports "Vesta" in the maximum version of performance should cost no more than 900,000 rubles. "Tazovody" explain this by saying that the model did not receive an increase in productivity, limiting itself only to cosmetic innovations.

Other commentators are sure that for a million rubles you can buy a much more “impressive” car. According to users, the KIA Cerato with a 2.0-liter engine will cost the same amount, and for 1,187,000 rubles you can buy a Hyundai Solaris in the "top" kit.

However, commentators agreed that the LADA Vesta SW Cross wagon cost its price of 900,000 rubles - for the money the owners get a spacious and practical interior, a large trunk and high ground clearance.

Vasisualy Murchalov